1110 OH COME ON!

It was the busiest day for me in the weirdest ways today. I have to apologize for not getting a very big story update done because of it. I’ve been working at such odd hours trying to catch up and also finish my anthology pages. Which I managed to do. Although I didn’t get to make as many as I wanted so it just kind of stops. There’s just no helping it though. I am not a very good cartoonist objectively. The freedom of the net allows me to do things in ways that would never be tolerated in print comics. With no real instruction it’s just me learning like a caveman. Every so often I find a trick or tip that helps, but mostly I’m just winging it. XD

I am almost completely caught up though. So very close.

Anyway here’s my little addition to the fiction:

“I woke up a few days later in a hospital. Twig was curled up in the bed with me. They told me she went totally feral if they tried to separate us, so they just let her stay. I didn’t know it at the time, but her father and mother were with elite guard when they fell. She had already tried to contact her grandparents. Her grandmother invented those little stones she uses to talk over distance. But when she made an attempt the stone just fell to the floor. So… Since I agreed to protect her, and there was no one left to end the contract, I remain her protector.”

“That’s so sweet…” Alina cooed in a tone Julius was surprised by. “You’ve been raising her all this time?”

“It’s not like that really.” Julius said nervously. “She was already a teenager when we got thrown together. I’m only 5 years older than her. We kind of… raised each other in a way.”

“Are you two…” Alina began with a raised eyebrow.

“No! No, we’ve never been that.” Julius cut across her. “Contrary to how she acts around me she’s more like a sister. A really weird sister, but also my best friend kind of.”

“Well it’s sweet all the same. That day ruined a lot of lives. It’s always nice to hear about people who came through okay. I always wished I could have done more… Got there sooner.”

“You saved an entire city of people. That should be enough for anyone.”

Alina opened her mouth as if to offer an argument, then paused. Her face softened.

“You’re welcome, and thank you.” She said after a moment. “I’m glad you got over being amazed by me. So we can talk like regular people.”

“Oh no, I’m still in total awe of you. I’m just an incredible actor.” He grinned.

“I appreciate the effort more than you know.” She said, rising then helping Julius to his feet. “Let’s see if the others are awake. I’m getting to a point where I can’t stand being down here much longer…”


Oww. oww. OWW. I feel for him. The last panel’s face is absolutely a work of wonder.

You just ain’t seen nothing yet
B-b-baby you just ain’t seen nothing yet

Yup. In situations like these, we can only wait and watch the trainwreck cause a freeway collapse, a wildfire, and a factory explosion.

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

The feeling of seeing an ex with her new bf/husband/significant other is apparently on par with watching a trainwreck. It’s horrifying, yet you just can’t look away.

I like how the husband has hair is all the places Thomas doesn’t…noticing things like that… that tickles me.

Interesting that in pics where it showed her hands, there is no ring on any fingers.

Yes, especially since every couple in the world observes the same traditions as all the others.

Well, a ring would’ve been easy. Judging by her character, it’s a hard sell to say that she’s not the type to expect one. The world does happen to be full of all types, though.

The recession might also play a role.

Actually I’ve been married for a loooooonnnnngggg time and I haven’t worn my wedding band in many years. I used to work around chemicals a lot and they would get under the band and give me a nasty rash, so I quit wearing it and now I can’t even get it back on. I don’t act any less married and I usually forget I’m not wearing it. My wife had a similar issue – her ring kept getting gooped up with stuff and then when the first kid was born she kind of swelled up and her rings don’t fit any more – so she hasn’t worn hers in a while either. Yeah – we are unconventional, but like you said, not everyone operates under the same premises. I have nothing against rings, they are just inconvenient. I don’t wear a watch either – same reason really – inconvenient – always banging into things and forgetting where I left it when I took it off.

O.M.G., it’s the Anti-Thomas!

I used to go out with a woman who had a daughter about 10-11 years old. One Saturday, her ex came to pick up the girl, and I had the opportunity to speak with him while my girlfriend was ‘getting ready’. He didn’t seem to be a jerk and she had never made him out to be one. Even though he refrained from saying anything specifically negative, her ex-husband gave me a good impression of what I had gotten into.

Dude was absolutely honest and correct — the woman was a neurotic nightmare.

Moral: listen to the ex — there’s usually a reason they broke up.

I like that moral because it works both ways. If the ex is the crazy one, they won’t be able to hide it and you can rest assured that you’re in on a good thing. And then again, we’re all a little crazy, so sometimes advice from the ex can be brushed aside if you find that you’re, um, compatibly crazy with the one you love. :)

Exactly correct. I have been down both sides of that road — I’ve met the crazy ex-boyfriend/ex-husbands of a couple of other women I’ve gone out with. Not guys you’d want to go home with, much less live with.

Psychos have gotten GOOD at hiding it. The really bad ones may not even show who they truly are outside of a relationship. So an ex’s advice is always to be taken with a grain of salt, especially if your partner cut it off, and even more so if there is a good chance the ex is still bitter.

Hmmm… now that I have a kid, they have this whole set of advice that they give children that they don’t give adults, and “listen to your gut” is one of them. We think that’s grown-up advice, but “be polite” is more frequently reiterated to us than “run away because that person is going to mug you”. All that to say, the good-hiding-psychos trade on that currency. In my experience, it’s some part being able to hide it, but it’s also partly due to me not being willing to jump to the conclusion my gut is telling me – “this ex is psycho,” for example. They don’t hide as well when you get back in touch with those “irrational” nuances, the gut feelings that kids know how to access right away.

“compatibly crazy with the one you love. :)” That may be the most apt phrase I’ve ever read for it. Hm, maybe I’d have better luck frequenting visitor day at the asylum. Couldn’t do any worse. As it is, I couldn’t get the time of day in a clock shop.

Well, I don’t relate. I’ve only had one girlfriend that really counts, and she burned the bridge between us 2 years ago.

No idea what she’s up to now. Doesn’t really matter, though. I still learned a lot from dating her, and at least that was a positive experience.

Hmm, her husband looks like the Nostalgia Critic if he were bald and didnt wear a tie and hat.

Exactly, he looks just like a d-bag.

Oh I see how it is. More of an AVGN fan?


Okay fine! Perhaps Linkara then?!

Nope. Try again.

Is it just me, or is the expression that the new husband is making when Dawn shouts out for Thomas like “…umm, WHAT?”

Just something I noticed. The new husband doesn’t seem to think this behaviour is quite appropriate. And if I were in his position, I’d think it was a bit weird too.

I get the feeling this could wind up backfiring in her face. Quite gloriously. Especially after what others have said here.

I’m kind of hoping it goes too well between husband and thomas. Then she realizes she broke up with Thomas to marry NEGATHOMAS or.. Thomas with the opposite hair, which freaks her out and Thomas has victory. Thusly proving to himself he is infact as badass as he claims to be.

I kind of got thrown a bit when you mentioned Carol. It took me a bit to realize you meant ConDawnscendstance Brookhollowwillowwhippersnapper.

Wow. I really just did that. It’s probably because I have a couple of beers in me. It’s not that I wouldn’t have thought or typed it without the beers. I probably just wouldn’t have pushed “Post Comment”.

Him casually referring to her as “crazy hormone lady” makes me think she is pregnant. That’s generally the only time you can make a comment like that your wife without getting smacked.

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