1076 Take Note.

These next few pages are the ones I was working on when the site was all fucked up. I guess the quality is about the same as ever, but it just seems poetic in some way that these are pages where something people have been waiting for happens. It would have been nice to have extra time for these, especially since a few have extra features. I dunno. Whatever. I did my best which is all you can do really.

If you sit around, waiting for conditions to be perfect, you’re gonna be sitting a long time and not get much done. Luckily for people like me people with a lot of talent are sometimes crippled by this tendency to wait for, or insist on, perfection. It makes a little room for the average, but tenacious. There’s something for a t-shirt. XD Average but tenacious.

On the whole the world is not controlled by the exceptional. More actual work gets done by people that can cope with the imperfection of the everyday. If you’re a perfectionist, however, take heart. You can learn to lower yourself to everyone else’s standards. I used to wait for perfection, but got over that tendency. Now I have this empire of dirt!

It’s all coming together!


I thought ice cream was supposed to be Carol’s weakness. Oh, and she looks really cute in the hat.

Are humans only supposed to have one weakness?! Son of a bitch! I have a bunch of them! That is such horseshit… Somebody made a clerical error at some point and I got a bunch of other people’s weaknesses. I swear. That just tears it…

That would mean that thanks to your sacrifices there are people with no weakness. Possible superheroes thanks to you, Crave!

Well, if the absences of weaknesses makes a superhero, that must mean…
*points and gasps*
He’s a supervillain!

You’ve uncovered my secret! Undone by comments on the internet. Somehow I always knew it would end this way…

Seriously, is Carol getting smaller? I’ve been noticing that lately.

Her size does seem to change depending on the situation, sometimes. She looks skinnier here.

Agreed. She looks almost Jo’s size, and certainly as skinny as Thomas. I’m a size 10 and she looks closer to me (actually possibly skinnier) than I think she was before, when she was more a size 14.

I think it’s mostly down to her being drawn near the panel border. She looks normal in all the scenes leading up to here. She’s only a little taller than Jo.

I would not be the last to claim I’ve got a lot of talent, but I do suffer from perfectionism.

The problem is, and realizing this has helped me a lot:
If I refuse to draw things I don’t feel will come out (almost) perfect, how will I practise to get closer to perfection?

I don’t want to draw sub-par art, but if I don’t, I’ll never see the unexpected gems.
I’m still not drawing enough, but working on it. Damn webcomics distracting me…

3 days since i started reading #1

so i guess i don’t have to say i like this comic

me-an untalented perfectionist. I can’t do anything perfectly, or well, or even marginally above par, so I don’t do anything. Except read web-comics. I’m good at that.

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