1039 Hurk.

They released Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3DS the other day. I hadn’t been paying attention so I found out later from a friend. In spite of it being a total cheat I just got the digital version. My hope had been to have it and all my other games on my 3DS so I could play what I wanted without having to scrumble with cartridges. The problem was that I only had a 2 gig memory card in my 3DS. One that was almost filled by Paper Mario Sticker Star. Nintendo has never been real good with external memory. It was ages before you could boot from the card on the Wii and I thing 2 gigs is the max card size it can take. They may have fixed that later, but I think that was true at the time I got mine. In any case, I pirated my Wii card so I could actually download the game I just paid for. After that I went and researched the max size memory card a 3DS can hold. I settled on a 32 gig SDHC card which will work, in theory… Nintendo is a little vague about what cards will work in their device. If they’re going to make a push for digital distribution they need to get their shit together and KNOW what things will work with their product. A 2 gig card can hold about 2 full 3DS games, give or take. I got a big discount on the 32 gig card, so hopefully it will work. If not then the whole purpose of digital downloads is defeated, because I’ll need a card for every 2 games or so… -_- Guh.

I havent tried transfering anything around yet, but I hope I can load saves back and forth however I like. I intend to test it in a minute… May as well report it now.

Nope. It’s a big fucking mess. Impossible to tell what almost everything is. Can’t just move thisng over in an obvious, logical way. Son of a bitch. I swear to you, Nintendo. I will do my level best to manage my memory in ways you don’t want me to. I will find a way to fuck you over, you dicks.

I took an exploring program and rooted around in the brain of that pony game. I was hoping that the problem was in the game code itself and not the save file. Assuming that the file is actually named the way it should be then it’s no good. The Save is corrupt AND the file named backup is also corrupt. I guess that the file went bad while the backup was being saved because as near as I can tell they are duplicates of each other.

After that I decided to see if there was any kind of support structure for Gameloft, but it doesn’t look good. Seems like most of the issues end with the person making the request never being contacted. I think this adventure is over.

Someone suggested that I could delete, download, and sign in to facebook/gameloft live to restore my save, but it didn’t work. It remembered my friend list, but had no memory of anything else. I’m not about to start this mess over again.


I just installed an 8GB Sony SDHC card in my Wii and it works great. The only drag was re-downloading all my Rock Band song files. It took about three hours and I had to reboot once.

I forget Thomas is a relatable and standup guy when hes not introducing rice to China. Heres a hoping he finds a third option.

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