1034 Lick Honey Off Her Tummy.

In some ways Mike fits right in with the rest of the cast. He’s not a big rules guy. At the very least he’s willing to entertain the idea that some rules are not as important as others. He must be aware, on some level, that no one else is bothered, particularly, by Nina’s compulsive desire to show off her belly. What causes this character trait in her is a mystery even to me. I suspect she just likes being young, fit, and attractive. having only ever been 1 of those things I am forced to imagine what it must be like. It’s probably a pretty cool way to be.

For my part I understand the logic behind the dress code. I know all the why of them, but still resisted as much as I could. As a fat dude that never ammounted to much more than looking slightly terrible, in the way that fat people do that have basically given up on life. Totally self serving. Over the years I certainly worked with people of both genders that rode the line of the dress code, and a few that were openly in contempt of it. I only ever ever enforced a dress code personally once. I had to work closely with a female crew member who had decided that her breasts needed sun that day. A lot of sun. Almost all the sun. It made me genuinely uncomfortable and I asked that she put them away so long as I was present. That said I didn’t make it a federal case.

When I was in retail sexual harrassment was a constant threat, particularly for male staff, and pretty openly used as a tactic by female members of staff to get managers fired. Managers who had committed no offense. That doesn’t mean harrassment didn’t happen in other cases, it did, but just as a weapon can be missused so can a rule. We have not perfected this particular safety system, an honestly, shy of some kind of mind reading device being created, we never will.


I’ve never had a job where I was worried about sexually harassing the ladies, mostly because most of my work experience as an adult ended up being in really crappy, hard labor situations where the genders were very slanted in my direction.

I’m all for gender equality in the work place, but not if they’re gonna start saying I’m a pig and need to get fired because my biology decided to point out that a lady decided to bring her whale tail to work that day.

to answer the Header question, YES!(as well as off several other areas of her real estate)

on the topic of workplace shenanigans or lack there of the only place it has ever been an issue is aw wal-mart where I was accused of Sexually harassing a coworkers Girlfriend, which was not the case at all. She was being a mouthy bint and I told her she needed to STFU, shortly thereafter coworker/boyfriend of mouthy bint goes to the back to clock out Not 5 minutes goes by and my manager calls me to the back and gives me some bs story of how a customer overheard me say some inappropriate thing or another (which i know is bs because 1. there was noone in my department at all during the conversation. and 2. what customer is going to honestly give even one tenth of a shit.) but thankfully I will never ever work for that 2 faced sorry ass company ever again.
I work for Big Lots now and have had a ball of a time for the past ten or so years in a store consisting of me and two or three other guys with the rest of the staff being female, with nary a crosswise word

At my place of work, the dress code was pretty lax until a woman came in wearing overalls with no shirt under it. Now we’re business casual, except on Fridays when it’s jeans.

Well that’s just lax to the point of stupidity. Can’t say it’s not a sight I’d mind seeing though… provided she looked like Nina or Jo, but with my luck she’d probably look like Rosanne Barr.

I’d never had a voice for Mike until that face he made on the last frame. Now I can only hear him talk in a deep sexy black man voice. It makes his character 10 times funnier.

What can be heard cannot be unheard!

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