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So…  Dragon Quest IX.  Heck of a game.  Has a nice DQ8 feel to it, while being different in good ways.  It has a sort of Monster Hunter style multiplayer thing.  Well, at least in so far as you can go into someone else’s game and help out.  I will likely not be able to ever make use of it, but I bet it would be cool…  T^T

You get to make your characters.  All of them if you want to.  The choices are kind of limited, but I was able to construct a decent Jolene to be my heroin.  When given the chance I added Nina, Carol, and Reggie to the party.  It’s hard to make good male characters.  All the options are super Dragon Ball Z looking.  I mean you can make a fair portion of the cast of DBZ if you were of a mind to.  My cast, not so much.  If you were a big fan of Krillin this is the game for you though.

So far the difficulty curve  is just right.  You need to scrounge for cash from time to time, but don’t have to do it so much that it gets tedious.  In fact, you could play most of the early parts without adding any other party members if you wanted more of a challenge.  Whenever you equip armor or whatever it actually shows on your party.  That’s something I like a lot.  I have this weird desire to play dress up in games.  In fact I’ll sometimes pass up better armor if it looks dumb.  Except for I made Reggie wear a dumb hat for several levels.  XD


TWO almost boob shots in one chapter so far!? All I have to say is………..
*Puts on shades*
Keep em comin!

No! Thats not how its done! Here, I’ll show you:
I guess this is the…
*Puts on shades*
Breast strip yet!

Wanting to forget that? I guess he couldn’t
*Puts on shades*
BARE the shame!
With all these jokes I’m putting out, I feel I’m really starting to
*Puts on shades*
Milk it!

Ok, I’ll stop now.

It’s very simple Ed. You simply place your memories of the even in another’s head, in a process called Transference. I’m pretty sure others wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Also, @Crave: What was with that Thomas/Carol thing? I was thinking either a)rapid, over-night art style change or b) guest comic.

I was leaning more towards b) when I finished my archive binge about 30 minutes ago, but since you just posted this page minutes ago it seems to have confirmed my suspicions.

I honestly have no idea what you’re on about, dude.

I think what he’s saying, is that he finished reading it all through 30 mins ago, and thought the last few strips were done by a guest artist, because they looked different.

Those last couple of comics before this one, with Thomas and Carol, had a completely different art style. Was it you just trying out something new or a guest comic (because you mentioned it in one of your blurbs)?

XD Well, to me it looks like what I always draw. If the style is different it’s just natural progression. I try to do better every day. I only ever got one guest comic… which I keep forgetting to run on the underblog. :B

Using my favorite band to get me to read is a low blow. I’m already checking every update, what more do you want of me?

Eagerly awaiting Zodiac to come out too, one album a year makes Electric Six a work horse of a band.

I want you to go on to random message boards and such to tell people how awesome my comic is. Learning your intimate details is just one part of a much grander plan, and not a coincidence in any way. In fact, if that thought was creeping in to the back of your mind I want you to put it out right this second.

Hahah… How do I UNsee this? Gentle sir, boobs are one of those things that are forever stored in your mind. Forever.

Like if your mother leaves the only bathroom door unlocked and she’s just gotten out of the shower and you just came in from outside and didn’t know she was in there. Yeah, the image just won’t ever GO AWAY. . .

This reminds me of a time that I’m glad I didn’t do something. I had intended to stay over at my oldest sister’s house after work since my other sister was in town and staying there. It’s a really, really good thing that I didn’t go. They were drinking and my visiting sister decided it was a good idea to parade around the house naked.

hmmm… I see there is another Alex here…. no matter.

I can see where I’m half right, and another cheesecake shot what a way to start off the week. Come on Crave, don’t spoil us now… actually… go right on ahead.

While not exactly what I was hoping for, this certainly does not disappoint! I mean come on, it had Ed, hilarity, two sets of wild unrestrained hair, AND tits. That’s about as awesome as a Nina-less strip can get.

Yeah…. To be fair at least it wasn’t a step parent or something….. *shudders*

Or someone from his family opening the locked bathroom door while you’re in the shower….. That is beyond concerning.

Also they are twins and I bet they’ve shared baths together before. He might just be more disturbed by the music than the naked dancing.

This comments hints a a dark backstory indeed.


Apparantly in our old house my step mother could undo the lock on the bathroom door to retrieve something from there. I was having a shower. It was also one of those cubicle showers with see-through doors. She seemed unconcerned that I was in there. I however freaked out.

Reggie’s dumb hat, was it the Tree stump thing? or the Slood? is there a dumb hat I missed out on? Dragon Quest IX is awesome. Great comic

He had the stump for a long time. It looks terrible with everything.

Yeah my Warrior got stuck with the stump too. Most of my party was based on friends so my girlfriend was stuck with the Slood for a bit. She was none too happy wearing about the slime on her characters head but at lest I didn’t force the rest of the slime outfit on her.

Been reading this strip for a while, and loving it.
Haven’t commented before because it always seems like someone beats me to what I want to say; but not this time!

I just want to say that your DQ IX Carol is spot on.

Right now i’m just hoping that some day I too will be able to afford one of these newfangled systems that everyone seems to have now but sadly i am poor

I understand his perspective; but for most of us, I’m sure it’s, “How do I see that again?”

On another note: shirtless Ed is sexy. I am straight, and I am a guy. But I don’t give a damn.

Ugh. Reminds me of my ex-almost-in-laws, where the almost-mother-in-law and almost-sister-in-law both weighed about 450 lbs and walked around naked around the house… dusting and picking up clutter… with excessive bending-over action… *turns green*

HEYYYY You do this all the time XD I mean look at you in your underwear WELL IF YOU CAN GUESS WHAT XP!!!

Hey, just wanted to say I slogged all the way through the archives and I think your comic’s pretty sweet. I liked the “cinematic” panels a few pages ago, and where the characters break out of the panels a few pages before that, and in this chapter where you had different points of view (over the shoulder, etc) Favorite character is Carol, easily!


Holy mother of god. My reaction to this was like Ed’s a couple strips ago. Are you trying to make my eyes pop out every time I open a new page. Maybe I should be taking your comic in small doses.

On the subject of DQIX, Akira Toriyama actually did the character design for that. So that’s why everybody looks like their DBZ, and why high tension exists.

The trik is to accept nudity as a natural state
unless the dread is from likin’ what ya saw, then, uhm, good luck

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