1027 Song And Dance.

I got a calendar for xmas that’s Doctor Who. Every month is a different Doctor. Starting with #1 in January and then going down the line. The last month is all of them. So that’s cool. It’s also really arty and hard to read. Luckily I have that Scooby Doo one that is just a regular one that I can read for looking at dates and stuff. Usually it’s this big bullshit thing to find a decent calendar and I end up with a lame one, but this year I have 2. IT’S MADDNESS!

Nintendo sent me a code for Donkey Kong Original, or whatever it’s called. I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s just the old arcade program from the cabinets. I never really got to play it when I was little because we lived far from places that had video games, and the few that were around were lame, like Karnov. Anyway the reason I mention this is that I’ve never really played original Donkey Kong. I’ve played other itterations of it where things were changed. The NES version was one level shy of the actual cabinet, I think. The gameboy versions got all fancy with it and added all kinds of random levels. This version has the level everyone knows, one with elevator platforms, one with conveyor belts (which I’d never seen.), and *SPOILER* the level where you beat Donkey Kong. So it was new to me a little bit. Not the kind of thing I’d spend money on, but if they’re giving it to me then fine. It’s a pleasant distraction if nothing else.

When I was really little I had a Mario figure from Donkey Kong. This one, in fact. I don’t remember how I got it anymore. It was part of a set that had DK, Mario, and Pauline. Pauline came with a little Donkey Kong game cabinet, strangely enough. Even as a kid that seemed like a odd choice to me. How do you play with it? I never actually saw one close up, so I assumed it was stuck to her. I looked it up a minute ago and someone has one on card for about $10. The photo was good enough i could finally get a good look at it. Looks to me like she’s stuck to the cabinet by the hand. The listing actually calls it mint on card, so this dumbass doesn’t actually know what the words he’s using mean, because the card is far from mint. It’s actually on card, but not mint. Let’s not talk about how stupid ebay sellers are just yet though… I’m pretty sure I still have that Mario. Assuming the plastic isn’t degrading into sludge like so many other toys I have. Around that same time they made similar figures for Pac-Man. I had a few of those. I was totally obsessed with Pac-Man before games that didn’t suck existed. I had Pac, Wedding Pac, Blinky, and Wedding Mrs Pac-Man. (In reality Mrs was my sister’s but she didn’t give a fuck about Pac-Man. Even then she was smarter than me.) I might have even had angel Pac, but my memory isn’t clear on that anymore. This is the package for them. This is the blog with the image so I don’t dick the guy out of hits after hotlinking his shit. I had at least one thing from most of the toy lines on that guy’s blog. XD

There used to be such a weird dissconnect between a game and its art. That shit lasted for years. Now we do it on game on purpose to be nostalgic, but back then it just pissed me off. I’m glad they don’t feel the need to westernize everything anymore too. Art wise I mean.


It’s usually at this point in the “I told you so” dance that I flip things and ask a pertinent question, like if she’s planning on ending her days of chastity and if she has any candidates in mind.

I read web comics on my lunch since I can not figure how to stretch a sandwich over an hour. When QC linked you I swung on over and have put every other comic I read on hold and burned through the archives. Until today…I have caught up…now I have to wait…BLAST!

Was it just me or a scene from Scrubs pop into anyone else’s head when Nina started the “I Told You So.” Dance?

So, I just finished a run through the archives, re-reading everything.

This was already one of my favorite comics, but re-reading it made me like it even more. There were some little set-ups and pay-offs that I didn’t remember, and I’m even more impressed with the writing than previously.

It struck me how really well-rounded and unique all the characters are, from the very beginning. Even Reggie has his good points.

Also, I don’t know if you ever thought about it, but this comic easily passes the Bechdel test, many times over. (To pass the test: there must be multiple female characters; those female characters must talk to each other; and they must talk to each other about some other topic than men. Ironically, today’s comic wouldn’t pass the test because they are talking about Thomas, but there are many others that would; for example, the whole sequence with Brooksie and Jessica talking about estate sales, clothes, and T-shirt slogans.


So great job; keep it up! I hope you will always enjoy making this comic, and I intend to keep reading it. Thanks for making this.

Darn, I can’t reply to Alex C’s comment. The Scrubs episode for the “I told you so” dance is season 1, episode 18, and Elliot does the dance. She does it much later in French and German as well in an episode I can’t remember.

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