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Some company made a video game based on Manos The Hands Of Fate. Manos is the worst episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and by the law of suck inversion also considered the best by some. The movie is so terrible that even the commentary is not enough to make it watchable. It’s one of the few episodes of MST3k I’ve ever had trouble finishing. There are long scenes where nothing happens AT ALL, which leaves little to comment on. When someone is on screen it’s pretty memorable though. Some of the most well known MST3K memes come from this episode, including the haunting Torgo theme.

I didn’t bother to research the game at all apart from buying it and two seconds on the developer website. I assume they secured the rights to make an adaptation of the film because the music does come from it. It’s actually a solid NES style platformer. I have it on an iOS device, which makes it much harder to play unfortunately. The great failing of touchscreen controls is their imprecision, which is breaking for a platformer. That said, it’s the most playable platformer I’ve ever played on a touchscreen. I might break down and get it for the PC just so I can actually finish the damn thing. It’s kind of like Castlevania with a gun. You can upgrade the gun, but one hit and you’re back to the standard unfortunately. That’s a play mechanic I’m glad has fallen out of favor…

Anyway, it’s like 2 buck on portables. It apparently had a terrible release on PC which probably wasn’t helped by the fact that they seem to have made it difficult to buy…

http://freakzonegames.tumblr.com/ there’s the link to their tumblr. Fuck if I know where the PC store is… Oh wait, I found a link. the giant image of the game box goes there. That’s kind of counterintuitive to me, but whatever. Looks like $6 for PC. Not bad. I’m pretty sure it’s worth that.


“Hands of manos” is a classic MST3K movie!

Have you read the back story on Torgo? The satyr leg props caused him to have some sort of back pain which led to pain killer addiction and then death… the Curse of Manos lived on!!

Whoa, that’s neat trivia. I don’t know much backstory on MST3K movies except for my very favorite ones like Time Chasers and The Final Sacrifice.

Meh. I only know that because when I watched that episode years after the first time I saw it, I did an imdb search on Torgo— and then got all depressed. So of course I have to spread the word so his legacy lives on.

Kind of like the girl who did the voice of Anne-Marie in “All Dogs Go to Heaven” and the girl dinosaur in “Land Before Time”. Be forewarned— THAT’S a depressing story :/

“Manos: Hand of Fate” is considered by many to be the very worst film ever made by the hand of man.

I argue that it’s really “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”, narrated by a clearly drunken Dudley Moore, but YMMV.

Also, this just in:

Jolene is Nepeta.

I don’t know why it took me so long to see the connection. But now I can’t unsee it.

Three words:

My recent experiences parallel Ed’s. In short, we’re both in the “my-sister-is-not-hot” denial phase.
I refuse to accept it.

I also went through that phase for a VERY SHORT time, no Little thanks to one THINKING that she was hot and the much SHORTER one actually being hot but not realizing it [dense as dwarf star alloy]. And if my little sis is reading this =P

Nice Mind hoodie, Ed.

Interesting how a good deal of the cast seems to have spontaneously become Homestuck fans.

“I didn’t realize you two were, uh, … friends.”
“Cool, Cool, are you two, uh ….. ”

That plus the nervous pulling on the cords from his hoodie,
Oh my!
What is Ed intimating there I wonder? ^_-

Did Brooksie totally miss that? No Wai!

And Jo isn’t wrong, which disturbs me because Jess looks so much like Ed. Only, you know, I have biological reactions.

Also apparently so does Jo. Or she just fangirls over tall ladies really easily.

Sorry Crave, here’s another one. This one misplaced your ad in the wrong area, making things a bit stretched out.

Relevant to this comic: It was a couple pages ago, but ever since I got to the part of Thomas getting the fanfic, I was waiting for the carol reveal with nina, I didn’t realize how far apart they are.

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