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This went up so late because I didn’t really sleep at all, so I tried to get in a nap before I started doing it and I slept right through the alarm. Grandpa kept coming to the back of the house and waking me up all day today… Or technically yesterday I guess. My day/night cycle is completely fucked up at the moment & I also can’t sleep laying down at the moment so issues kind of built up in a way that stymied my efforts. Anyway, hopefully I can get some decent sleep in over the weekend and be fresher come Monday.

Anyway, Patreon and subscribestar exist. Links above if you feel like supporting my work. I’ll catch you all in the down the road.


There’s a movie made in 1959 where the world’s smallest country (the fictional Grand Duchy of Fenwick) wants go get free money from the United States. So they concoct a plan where they will declare war on the USA, lose immediately, and then the USA will presumably enact a Marshall Plan on them. They send their army, a half dozen young men wearing chainmail and armed with crossbows, to America. Their army, by sheer luck, captures a professor who has invented the “Q-Bomb” and they have control of the working prototype, so the giant plot twist is that they… win the war. The USA capitulates.

It’s called _The Mouse that Roared_ and my family enjoyed watching it on TV. It’s probably slow by modern standards but who knows, you might like it. It has Peter Sellers in it, playing at least three roles.

There was a sequel, _The Mouse on the Moon_, where the Grand Duchy of Fenwick accidentally won the race to be the first country to land people on the Moon. They didn’t mean to, honest!

“The Ducktator” sounds like the kind of thing they’d do on “The Simpsons.” “Admiral Baby” comes to mind. Meanwhile, “By the Power Invested in Memes” sounds like the Enron ride episode.

Bro I’m out with a kidney stone for a week and we have dropped off the top 100 all the way to 113… I’m disappointed in you guys. Remember to vote and make our love for this great collection of shenanigans to be known!!! I mean for Christmas sakes porn in in the top 25 right now >: (

THE MOUSE THAT ROARED was first a novel by Leonard Wibberly, far superior to the movie. There followed THE MOUSE ON WALL STREET and THE MOUSE ON THE MOON and a prequel, BEWARE THE MOUSE.

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