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There are so many ASMR youtubers and streamers now. It’s totally insane. Even people who don’t experience the “tingles” enjoy them just for calming noise to fall asleep to. Then, of course, you have the sexy ASMR channels. Which are the same things, but with sexiness. There’s a whole spectrum of them. As someone who got in on the ground floor I’ve watched the evolution from niche to phenomenon. I think I can spot a creator that doesn’t experience the feeling and is just aping what they’ve seen. Some people will tell you up front. Which is fine. Creative transactions are not wrong. Especially if you go in knowing it’s all just someone trying to make a buck by making a thing you like. It’s just commerce, baby.

For me commerce is getting you to support my work via the links above. Although I actually do love comics & my comic in particular.


Some of them are only quasi-ASMR now anyway. They just roleplay giving you a handjob while whispering, which I confess I like only because I don’t like the exaggerated bimbo giggling porn noises of normal content. And even if they don’t get tingles, it’s hard to always tell; I don’t get them from quite alot of common triggers, and I think most people are like that–only certain things work, and only if done JUST right. I could see Jess doing sexy roleplays and not worrying about the specific triggers.

I’ve come across many that brand themselves as sexy asmr and then they’ve got full background static still in the video. Like I know those mics are damn expensive, but if you’re gonna brand as asmr the least you can do is open your audio track in audacity and run a noise reduction

bruh i think everyone on this earth would have a reaction to “You’re okay and everything’s gonna be fine” like that

not even a sex thing at this point we just want to hear someone tell us it’s gonna be okay

Having Jess lean over her with their faces close together probably has *something* to do with Jo’s reaction.

I mean, my ASMR is most readily triggered by physical proximity (as a child got it most from haircuts or teachers answering questions I had), so at least for me her coming in close would do something for me in both senses.

I’m with her on this one. That noise doesn’t do a gd thing for me. …except irritate me when a bunch of ppl go on about how great it is.

We’ve made it to 47 out of the top 100 folks, your doing great, but let’s pour on the love and get them votes in everyday. Some folks don’t stop til Brooklyn, were never gonna stop til we reach that #1 slot!!! OORAH!

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