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Somebody left one of the gates open today so I got a call from mom that Precious was down at the neighbor’s house. Luckily Dorothy and sister apparently never noticed. Precious knows where her original house is in relation to ours, but Sister and Dorothy it’s hard to say. Sister might just take off running and that would be the last time we ever see her. Dorothy might just stay in the yard but who can say? Regardless we dodged a bullet by the grace of god or whatever you want to attribute it to. I would be heartbroken if any of the dogs got lost & never knowing their fate would be terrible. I’m putting a wire through the lock hole just to make sure people remember to close it properly, but it was likely just an honest mistake that happens sometimes in life.

Something that isn’t a mistake is supporting content you enjoy. To that end please consider supporting me via the links above. I’m gonna go wire up the fence now.


I misread what Jo said at first; I was like “Huh. So Jo enjoys listening to the sound of a SKS firing. Weird.”

Hey, as someone who has a SKS, I’d definitely rather hear that than ASMR.

ASMR just annoys me, but as far back as I can remember, I’ve experienced frisson (especially from music when it reaches the good part); I used to be able to trigger it at will by thinking about it, but it was always weaker if I did that.

For me, it’s always a rush that floods my neck and upper chest and disappears in about two seconds.

I usually listen to some ASMR at night to fall asleep. It doesn’t give me any “tingles” per se, but a soft calming sound does make it easier to relax and drift off to sleep. Kinda like how if an episode of The Joy of Painting comes on I am probably going to be asleep before it is half finished.

I’ve thought more about Jackie’s cooking situation. Here is my suggestion:

The key is to make good meals with a minimum of effort.

Choose seven slow cooking recipes (one per day), each morning/lunch put it together in the pot, set the timer(s), leave it to cook and serve at dinner. Keep this recipe loop until the parents complain, but it’s pretty good variety.

Get the equipment to do slow cooking. A slow cooker + perhaps more, like a rice cooker. If you don’t have a microwave, get one.

Shop for all seven recipes at once, if possible. Also note that nost of these seem to be no-stick, so not a lot effort needed to wash.

I think in summary this is fairly simple to prepare, requires a minimum of time, and normally yields a good result. These items can be set to be done at a given time, like having the rice ready for dinnertime, so no heroics needed.

Not all meals are suited for this sort of cooking but just stay in the slow cooking lane.

Present this plan for your parents and see if you can make them pay for it. If they buy in, you’re golden.

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