992 On The Outside.

These pages were way better in my head, but these are the ones I was working on when QC linked me, so I was having my resources and attention pulled in several directions at once trying to hold things together. In olden times other people would take care of the day to day stuff a cartoonist needed done, at the cost of the rights to their work, and other such things. That’s the modern tradeoff. You get to keep the rights to your work, so if it hits it’s all yours, but at the same time you have to run the whole thing yourself. Or mostly by yourself depending on how many other people are willing to tolerate your shit. XD

Every so often you hear about some artist trying to sue Marvel, DC, or whoever, trying to get credit, or the rights to their ideas back. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those people. They knew what they were getting in to when they made the deal with the devil. Yeah, it’s unfair, and it sucks, but as my father often tells me, life is not fair. The world was different then, but syndicates and what have you still try to aquire properties in about the same way today. It’s harder to get away with dicking over an artist completely now because the human capacity for complaint has increased exponentially since then. If you can make a group look evil enough they’ll sometimes fight less hard to protect their brand. For the most part though people don’t care about the plight of the artist, or have no will to resist unfair practices on the behalf of others.

Whatever. Maybe I’m just tired and cranky.


Mike here reminds me of a manager I had at Gamestop named… well, Mark. Dude got an Ulcer trying to keep up with all the work that had to be done and didn’t get much more than me for it. Good to see there won’t be any Strife between Thomas and Carol though.

The DM I worked for at Gamestop had a guy kill himself and one of my managers went suicidal at one point too. And it seemed completely normal by the time I left.

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