971 Until You Said That.

The other day I shot one of my Nerf guns and the disc bounced off of a door into another room. As near as I can tell when the disc left my sight a wormhole opened up and it was transported to some other point in spacetime, because it’s not in that room. Based on the arc of the shot I feel like I know where it should have gone, but it didn’t go there. Therefore it must have fallen through a tear in the fabric of the universe. A Hawking’s butthole, as scientist’s call them. I’m a little disturbed by the whole turn of events because I have my drawputer in that room. It would be bad if it fell into the cracks between worlds.

I noticed the other day that all the area Wal-Marts are dumping their Kree-O building sets. I’m not sure if they are making room for new ones, or ditching the line altogether, but it feels like they are done with them. I heard that they have blind packs of just the little guys that usually come with the sets, but I haven’t seen any. Since I don’t keep up with that stuff much anymore I’m not sure what the deal is whith all of that. Any of you keep up with Kree-O at all? I never got any.


God dammit, why in the name of god do you have to be like that? I saw your fucking tweet about Ted.

I liked Ted, it made me laugh, I felt like the money spent at the theater was well worth the price of admission.

I am tired of you and ever other fuck artist and writer hating on popular franchises.

You don’t have to like Seth, you don’t have to pretend to understand him or his brand of humor, you don’t have to agree with him, but you don’t need to be a cunt either.

If you can’t even tell what you are re-tweeting is nothing more then another stupid chain letter, then you are a major god damn tool.

I hope you get Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I own every DVD set of Family Guy, you off the handle flying cryknight. I was just making a joke because it was low hanging fruit. If anybody understand’s that it’s the man who created fucking Family Guy. Seth McFarlan has way thicker skin then you’re giving him credit for, and I doubt he’s weeping himself to sleep on HIS BED MADE OF MONEY!

I hope you become immortal and have to watch everyone you ever know and love, or will ever know and love, die in any of the millions of ways available in the world.

“you and ever other fuck artist and writer…”

The word every has a “y” in it. Rants with misspellings make me chuckle. And apparently there’s something wrong with all artists and writers having an opinion or making a funny.

Another point awarded for epically appropriate use of the phrase “off the handle flying cryknight.” Fantastic.

Hey, erm, Larkin… you got a little insecurity stuck in your teeth there. Might wanna pop back the the men’s room to see to that before trying to chat up any ladies.

…’Cause wishing diseases on people for having the temerity to voice an opinion contrary to yours is *totally* a stable thing to do. Honest. Especially when it comes to petty little stuff like summer comedy movies.

And don’t even pretend it’s not the opinion but the way it was expressed either, mister “fuck artist/cunt/god damn tool/Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.


I find it oddly humorous that your ‘handle’, Larkin, is in bold and black, indicating that it’s a link to your personal web space. Fine, says I, so I click on it and where does it take me? To your wond’rous creative space? Nope. It takes me to the front page of BYOND, a product to create and play online games. I may be inquisitive, but now I’m confused. Is BYOND your creation? Are you a coder for them, or is this someplace where you have put the latest product of your genius? I did a search on their site and found, aside from a query about HTML (don’t worry about the initials, you don’t need to know what they stand for; I, on the other hand, had to write a report about Vannevar Bush before anyone outside MIT knew who he was or that Hypertext would change how we used computers) the only reference to a Larkin is this one:

I love you, man. Make a post about John Paul Larkin.


You are, I take it, not John “Scatman” Larkin. He was a performer’s performer, who unfortunately died of another horrible, lingering illness more than a dozen years ago. I lost both of my parents to slow, debilitating diseases. Wishing Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Motor Neurone or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a particularly awful way to ask them to die. Perhaps that’s why you used it. I don’t care — it just indicates what a small-minded, nasty little person you are. Personally, I hope you die of something fast and relatively painless. May I suggest putting a bullet in your brain? It will put you out of our misery quickly.

Oh, and wipe off your chin, Junior.

You tend to drool when you snarl.


I really like this turn for Reggie. A bit of awareness and self-realization…or just a bit of reality. Ya know, whatever. Wes still concerns me greatly, but Reggie…well as Brooksie said of him, “Hope springs eternal.”

I love Lego, and I love Transformers, so I freakin’ love me some Kree-O! I’ve got a few of the sets from the first series, now I’m looking forward to getting some of the new ones! The Walmart here in Charlottetown, PEI has just stocked almost the entire new line of Kree-O sets, so unless it’s a store-by-store decision, yours may be making room for the new ones! :D

Re: your Nerf disk, I’ve long since concluded that any small object has the ability to teleport when dropped, because the little bastards wind up far further from the point you drop them than they have any right to.

I had a talent back in grade school.

I’d knock an eraser off my desk, no particular speed, not a particularly tall desk.

Danged if that thing ever landed under ten feet away.

Ah, the missing disc simply went to the same dimensional space that missiles and other darts go when they fire off into the depths of a house. So far the laws of…um, THAT…dictates that the next time you’re doing a major cleaning, the missing fired item will fall out of something in a place where it was never fired.

As for Kree-O: I was also under the impression that they were not doing well, but as Adekii said, there are all new sets showing up. Honestly, I think the new sets look much better. The reason high point of Kree-O was the little guys, but the sets made you buy BIG ‘ol constructs to get them….and the constructs weren’t that great. Bascially if you build any Lego frequently, you’ll see the somewhat backward way they have you build Kree-O. It’s not terrible, but little things here and there aren’t as solidly built.

The new sets are smaller, look funner, and have more little guys. I’m thinking of picking up one or two to see how much they’ve improved. I also haven’t seen the single packs yet, but I LOVE the idea of them! Once again, I think the real money is the little guys, so this is a brilliant idea. They even have parts to allow you to semi-transform them! They look really cool, and I’m looking forward to them.

Our boys Reggie and Wes at a truck stop – I assume it we’re talking the kind out by the Interstate exit that serve real truckers – conjures up a whole slew of images, all full of potential comedic disaster.

Ahh… losing the discs because of rebounds.
Discs are a double edge sword, on the one hand you can rebound shots round corners to hit people… on the other there is NOTHING more efficient at going ALL the way under the fridge.


I think you may have experienced an instance of what my Dad called The Universal Law of the Perversity of Nature. Basically, it throws Occam’s Razor (William of Ockham may have first set the KISS principle on paper — well, parchment) and anything you know about causality right out the window.

@maarvarq and @Xron nailed it. Your Nerf disk probably caromed off the door and hid in a most unexpected place. I’d start looking, on top of the doorframe…


It is a well established fact that Nerf ammunition is not governed by the same physical laws that normal matter is. They have the ability to phase through solid matter, appear to exist in places thy don’t, and until a large enough collection is amassed, each particular type of ammunition appears to be mutually exclusive in relation to the weapon it goes in.

I.E. you will have dozens of discs laying around if all you have is a sticky dart gun.

Maybe it’s something like socks. You do know that socks are the larval stage of wire coat-hangers, right? Ever notice socks always seem to disappear (always one of a pair, never both), and you always have more wire coat-hangers than you can explain?

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