964 Do You Feel Lucky?

the problem with posting a page every few days is that sometimes what’s going to happen next is kind of obvious, but there’s a wait between pages. I try not to make those pages Friday ones, but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it. That said, the exact circumstances of the outcome is what’s really important. Of course, people coming along later won’t have this problem, so over time it’s no big deal. XD

I got about 20 or 30 battles in to Pokemon Conquest and realized I had kind of made a mess of things. So I started over. I got back to where I was in a third of the time because I understood what was happening. Then I made a mistake. there comes a point where you have to choose to invade one kingdom or another, but if you choose the wrong one you can’t switch choices. I chose poorly. I probably could have stomped the other choice, but I wanted to see what the other battle was like. Then I got mad that I could win easily. So I spent a few tries trying to win with various tactics. Eventually I realized there was no way my group could win, but I had already saved the choice. So now I need to get a team to a point that they can win decisively. I accidentally reduced myself to grinding. DX Rookie mistake. On the up side I managed to recruit a guy i hadn’t been able to before and he’s super tough. Maybe he will make all the difference…


Back in the 1860s someone – Walker, i think – built a knockoff of Colt’s revolver design, looked just like it, i understand.

But it was .36 caliber (called .38 today, and actually .357 anyway)… and it held twelve rounds.

Overconfidence can be a wonderful thing to watch in action.

I was always a fan of the LeMat, with it’s little surprise shotgun chamber. ‘Course that was a relatively distinctive looking and well known pistol, so it wouldn’t have the same advantage.

I’ve always wondered why something like that’s never been tried since. I guess the idea maybe got outmoded by the tactical flexibility cased ammunition made possible.

Still, I remember watching BSG, where the Colonial sidearms were Five-sevens with what looked like a tiny .45 or .50 M203 attached to the front rail, and thinking “modern LeMatt!”.

man you gotta watch those sneaky choices that game won’t hessitate to humiliate ya. also epic work on the comic the suspense is killing me who will win, will there be a tie, are the other combatants gonna duel each other too

The combination of “Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise” and the fact that 200 Stormtroopers firing at 3 rebels without a hit means .. it’s the natural course of events. Right?

As I’ve said previously, I have the gun that they’re both using. You can actually load in seven shots if you load in the ammo with one in the chamber.

…but the guns they appear to be using (given ammo pictured and design) only carry 5 rounds… (assuming of course that these are all the dumpster rescues from today and thus not modified for higher capacity) or can you shoehorn more in? I only have the 5 for mine but that really seems to be “it”?

Nope, they hold 7 rounds. First you cock one in the chamber, open up the side, push down the button like thing on the bottom, and you can fit six in there.

Between this and last page I only count 5 shots each with Reggie shooting his 6th to block the shot from Carol previously. He is out of ammo she has 1 left.

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