861 Forget Them.

For the record, when I sketch Alex I draw her eyes so I make sure she has enough head. Without eyes she presents a unique challenge. For her to emote properly obviously she has to use everything else. On some level the resriction of visual cues make her harder to read, and a little mysterious.


new reader here. this comic is totally fantastic. as a girl who worked in retail for nearly three years, I can find myself relating to your characters over and over and over and its awesome! thank you so much for making this comic. You rock!!

Aww… I like her. Admittedly, I can already see they’d make a terrible couple, and I can’t imagine that she is seeing much past John’s good looks. I mean, he’s a bit of a nerd… even so, perhaps she doesn’t have a very good sense about these things and sees cute+nerd=do want.

I enjoy the implication that her party or what-have-you falls apart without her. “Just cope till I get back or something!” Hehehe :)

It just seems like her hair is waving around a little bit, that’s all. Needless to to say, good job with the character and comic itself. You’re good at what you do.

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