858 No Talky Talky.

Carol has a pretty decent tolerance for Thomas’s nonsense, but it is not infinite.

My latest advertising campaign was, perhaps, too effective. Of course saying that an advertising campaign is too effective sounds insane. Ideally there should be no upper limit to the effectiveness of one. That said, my host cannot apparently tolerate even my small amount of success in this venture. Not only is the .com getting more traffic than it can handle, but the .net is periodically grinding to a halt as well. I guess there are worse things than having your site overwhelmed with interest…

I’ve been so busy fighting with the sites I have nothing interesting to say. >:|


Well, you figure it out. Because I just archived binged the entire damn thing and you’ve made it onto the “Actually Remember to Check This Comic” list. In other words, good job, I like it, etc.

I agree with Tom. I just archived binged the comic as well, and was getting database errors every so often. Adding it to my bookmarks and I am going to be checking constantly. Great comic!

Make your “Buy Stuff” button more visible.

I just went “oh, snap, he needs more money for a better server! I wonder if he peddles anything I’d find amusing.” Except, when I did that, I realized I had never noticed the “buy stuff” button before, and I actually spent maybe 8-10 seconds looking for it. That is longer than something that helps you make money should take me to find, particularly when I’m actively looking for it.

Make it brightly colored, or slightly bigger, or put it on it off to the left side of the page on its own or something. Something to make it stand out.

I say that because I love this comic and I hope you’ll continue it a long time. And I know more money would certainly help.

I’m gonna buy the “Hipsters ruined irony” t-shirt as a Christmas present for a friend now. I think I know who’d appreciate it the most. But… only if I see you make the button more visible so you can catch more eyes with it, ‘Kay?

For the record… I’ve seen the advertising campaign myself. I kept thinking “I need to check this out sometime”… 12 hour night shifts as a security guard are prime time for comic catchup. You hooked me. All of the .>

… all of the heart. Sorry for using your bandwidth, but thank you for the awesome. And bad commentary, post correctly!

All of the heart?


Hahaha, it’s been a while since Carol got some, hasn’t it. She must have been too damn intimidating. A lot of good-looking women are incredibly intimidating just by sheer attractiveness. Most of the decent people, perhaps even people these women are interested in, are too afraid of rejection, subconsciously placing themselves in a league far below that of whom they seek to pursue; I’ve been there. All that remains are creepy people who’ve been rejected so many times that rejection fails to have meaning for them and faux-suave fuckwads who hit on everyone just playing the law of averages…

I’m not a woman, but I’m pretty sure that if I was, I wouldn’t tap creepy people.

The word “creepy” has been ruined. This bothers me.
I like to consider myself creepy, bizarre as that must sound to some. I like the word.
I’m creepy the way cats are creepy… or possibly the way xenomorphs are creepy… not really sure. I once spent several hours trying to teach myself to walk like Sadako from Ringu, but that is neither here nor there… and they actually videoed that whole sequence in reverse.

But all this recent reattribution of the word doesn’t sit well with me.
I wanna take “creepy” back for we shadow-dwelling rogue types… or possibly at least the scuttling monsters of the dark types…
It needs to be severed from any and all sexual (or antisexual) connotation.

Besides… I’ve never hit on anyone. And of the number of people who have hit on me (to my knowledge), most of them I just did the old Jedi Mind Trick on: Waved my hand and said “You don’t want to talk to me.” … I think some of them might have been insulted that I’d shut them down or something, but I never paid all that much attention afterward.

That explains a lot! Just found this comic too, and spent all of Saturday going through the archives instead of studying, which took a while because of the errors, which led to a longer period of procrastination. I am not complaining, I will take that excuse, my poor mushy study brain thanks your host for the respite.
Really enjoying the comic!

I found your webcomic through an ad on…I’m pretty sure it was QC. I read so many webcomics that I tend to lose track (I need to make a list so that I can start reading them all on a regular basis…).
Glad to see that it’s getting some more commenters again. It looked like half of the regulars died out or something for a bit there. o.o

Anyways, I really love your comic. =) I’ve been reading it off and on for the past few days, when I wasn’t feeling like crap. I love all the girl characters, especially Nina. She just looks so mousey, it’s adorable. And I have a bit of a soft spot for Brooksie. I guess I see alot of myself in her–minus the extensive knowledge of movies.
Honestly though, I really like the whole cast..for the most part. Lol I want to punch Reggie sometimes, despite how cute he can be sometimes (Yep, I’m a girl. I realize the name can be misleading), and I’m not quite sure how I feel about Wes yet…John’s cool. And cute. Kinda wish he showed up a bit more, haha.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. You have yourself a new regular reader, good sir. =]

That comment gap is from when the site was copied. It wouldn’t let us restore everything past a certain date. The .net was just a test site until the .com started failing constantly again. If you want to check out the comments for that period you can see them on the main site still.

I’m glad you enjoyed the comic, happy to have you on board. XD

So who’s gonna make the blowjob joke first?
All right.
*Clears throat and readies sheets of paper.*
His penis is the dessert.

Um… I have to say, I think there should definitely be an upper limit to the effectiveness of advertising. Two Words: Mind Control.

Carol can be so cute.

I personally am of the opinion that some secrets shouldn’t be shared. If a person has a secret that isn’t dangerous then I don’t want to know about it.

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