857 M O O N That Spells Moon.

I really hope it’s obvious enough that this takes place after they get back from getting food. I never am sure about sticking a little “later on” box at the start of a page…

What do you guys think? I have to fix a typo anyway.

I was teasing a lady I know on FA today about something and it started me to thinking about how teachers affect us as we’re growing up. She’s going to be a teacher of younger kids, and she’s pretty, so for at least a few of them she’ll probably end up being the hot teacher they remember from school. Well, depending on the age range. Although even as very young kids we start getting an idea of what we like even if it isn’t sexual.

Are any of you guys teachers? Do you ever think about that you could be THAT teacher to some kid? I’m sure all of you who aren’t teachers can remember the teacher you were hot for. Most dudes have at least one, but girls must have them too, right. i’d actually be more interested in that since girls are an alien mindset on some level.

Anyway, just a thought.


I have been reading the comic from start to now over the past week and I’ve been loving it so far =)
The mix of characters is interesting and works well. Though disturbingly I can associate the 3 girls with my last few exes though with some aspects of the personalities swapped, I’ve yet to decide of this is a plus or not =P

M O O N, that spells toolbox!

I remember watching that movie with my family about 6 years ago and we still quote that line.

I started reading this comic around this time last year and I’m a huge fan. I have a couple writing buddies who would kill for this ability to juggle so many well balanced characters. Honestly this puts me in the mind of Questionable Content for the uber-nerd (instead of say, hipster). I wish that this comic had a bit more coverage.

That’s sort of strange. Both close and far from my experiences. Close, because I routinely get drunk and disclose random parts of my character. Far, because there is always a part I keep hidden and do not disclose no matter what. Amusingly, I AM an english teacher… though hardly the hot one. Rather, the awkward one. Awkward, male and fat one, to be exact. Okay, maybe not fat, but definitelt overweight =)

I’m a guy teaching English to elementary schoolers in Japan, and I know for a fact that some of my first and second graders have had crushes on me. It’s kind of funny at times.

His iPod couldn’t download a 946 kb text file?

On the other hand, that is a pretty epically big text file. It’s uh 1/4 of the length of the Bible.

well, I’m a girl, and i was attracted to the occasional male teacher, although I tend to be physically attracted to anything vaguely male, although for me girls tend to be different, although I’m finding more and more girls attractive as time goes by, so maybe it was some form of unconscious conditioning that I’m getting rid of.

Chiming in years later.

Maybe carnal? Sensual? Venereal, to describe Nina? I think Thomas is only caught off guard cuz he didn’t see her that way, not as a prospective mate anyway.

As for hot teachers..young teenage girls can be just as hormonal as boys. We were told to downplay our sexuality for most of US history, and it starts at an early age lemme tell ya, it’s the only reason it may come as a surprise. We’re all human, go through puberty with the same flush of hormones while our bodies are changing. That said, seeing a grown man as a young woman…can leave an impression. We had some young (24-40yo) teachers in my high school that a lot of the girls crushed openly on. It’s pretty natural, I think so anyway. So long as teacher/student boundaries are never breached. I remember them(the male teachers) making sure to drop in girlfriend or wife mentions and stories where appropriate to the class. I dunno if the guys had crushes on teachers or not. Guess they kept those conversations between the guys.

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