802 Same Game.

I’ve been distracted by other stuff and haven’t written a blog yet, so of course, it’s starting to storm now and there is lightening.  The grid is sketchy out here on a good day, so I’m leery of not getting things done in a timely manner when the weather is inclement.

Over the last few days I have been struck by several really great story ideas…  for stories that have nothing to do with Between Failures.  I write them down so I don’t forget, but it’s really sad that I don’t have time enough to make them in to actual comics.  Or in some cases skill enough.  These aren’t ideas that I’m in love with.  They’re just ideas that would make entertaining comics if I had a team of artists to work with.  So I’ve been lurking around looking for artists with skill but no direction to partner with.  As an artist I know how terrible we can be about getting things done.  It’s a big part of why art is looked down upon as a profession.  The bulk of us are wildly unprofessional and it makes the few truly productive ones look bad.  Long story short I haven’t really had any luck.  At this point all I have to offer are good ideas and promises.  What I need is money and contracts.

None of this stuff is time sensitive, but I’m kind of tired of sitting on all these things and not doing anything with them.   If the last few years have taught me anything it’s that you have to will your dreams into being.  No one is going to make them happen for you.  The trick is having a been enough well to draw that strength from.

Anyway, none of that is important to any of you necessarily, but maybe you’re interested in what other plans I plan in the dark times of the day.  XD


Oh man, if I could draw better I would try to help. The best I can do is doodles and stick figures.
And the internet already has Cyanide and Happiness.
You know how you do sketches of the girls….are you going to do a cover sketch of any of these ideas to kind of let us know the basic plot of w/e they are. The public demands!!!

I’ve worked this logic before…however I worked in food service where “stealing” a sandwhich was less frowned on then slacking off. Food service is way to backwards

god today at work, it was like a morgue, thankfully i worked a short four hour shift but still….
makes me wish i had roomier pants to bring a portable system to work with me… though the way i get smashed around moving heavy things having a sensitive electronic device in a place that likely to support upwards of 200lbs its probably ill advised

I have the same problem. If I had a decent job I could hire someone to draw for me on a “Fixed amount per page” situation,but I can’t afford it.
I eventually decided instead to use Lego brand minifigures instead and make my comic that way (My name links to it).

I’d love to help you if you’re looking for artists. Name links to gallery, though the pieces there aren’t my best work, mostly.

Given that his job was made impossible for the moment, I don’t think he could get in trouble for not doing it.

Lately, I’ve been messing around on the internet at work — and yes, I’m at work as I write this. The difference is, I’m waiting for my internal customers to complete UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to on my latest project. I spent the first three days this week in an off-site training class, and they found the tiniest glitch — honestly, it was a bold comma that occurs only on certain amended contracts. I spent two hours this morning researching (hard) and documenting (fun) the issue and its solution (easy).

Now I get to stare at the monitors until either they find something else, or it’s time to go home…

See, now I currently work for Wal-Mart, and they have this crazy idea that slacking off is “time theft,” stealing time from the company. So, in certain companies, what Thomas is doing is equatable to theft.

That argument is a good way to gauge how much someone buys into the company line. If they spout that at you it’s hard to get away with anything. After they get fired over some weird technicality their tune always changes. XD

This is also written into most employment contracts here. …. normally under “inappropriate use of electronic media during working hours”, use of cellphones for personal calls etc…plus many other methods of time theft. Personally, I agree with these rules in my industry as we are charging an hourly rate for our work and passing that onto the client.

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