793 Wand & 2 Snitches.

The writing process is super hard and not just anyone can do it. You have to train super hard and never watch cartoons and be super cereal ALL THE TIME. What follows is a conversation between 2 professional writers who get paid for writing, WITH REAL MONEYS. One of them is me the other is KB from Olympic Dames.

betweenfailures (7:27:34 PM): Comic Cranky Pants (A podcast that doesn’t yet exist. – ED.) needs to go live soon.

KB (7:27:40 PM): hehe
KB (7:27:52 PM): with 30 minutes of us talking about how great we are

betweenfailures (7:27:54 PM): I would listen to that SO HARD.

KB (7:28:06 PM): you’d have to

betweenfailures (7:28:11 PM): Which podcast were you talking about?


betweenfailures (7:28:38 PM): not familiar with it.

KB (7:28:46 PM): they’re kinda elitist

betweenfailures (7:28:59 PM): The title suggest that.

KB (7:29:03 PM): like, they make comics for kids and turn up their noses at anyone that uses dirty words

KB (7:29:30 PM): it wasn’t this bad at first, but it’s more an more AND THIS IS WHAT I’m DOING AND THESE ARE MY $ WEBPAGES
KB (7:29:35 PM): bluhbluhbluh
KB (7:29:51 PM): and it’s like WE KNOOOWWW

betweenfailures (7:29:40 PM): Well fuck them.

betweenfailures (7:30:55 PM): I should DL one just to see how much I hate it.

betweenfailures (9:47:06 PM): I need a funny name for a harry potter fanfic site. One so horrible it can’t exist.

KB (9:47:40 PM): a pun about brooms or wands?

betweenfailures (9:48:14 PM): Owl Quill Dot Net?

KB (9:48:34 PM): I don’t get it :D

betweenfailures (9:48:46 PM): They communicate with owls in Potterland.

KB (9:48:52 PM): yeah I know

betweenfailures (9:48:53 PM): It’s like email to them.

KB (9:49:21 PM): Weasley’s broken condom
KB (9:49:28 PM): ahh I hurt my brain

betweenfailures (9:49:31 PM): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

KB (9:49:55 PM): guess not

betweenfailures (9:50:04 PM): I am literally snorting with laughter over that.

KB (9:50:09 PM): heh

betweenfailures (9:50:32 PM): I need to save this conversation and post it with the page it’s about.

KB (9:50:42 PM): k
KB (9:50:58 PM): everything else I got is just as wrong

betweenfailures (9:51:09 PM): Tell me all of them.

KB (9:51:14 PM): and probably too long

betweenfailures (9:51:32 PM): I don’t care I just want to see them for the laughs.

KB (9:51:43 PM): Hagrid’s Dad. With the subtitle of try not to think too hard about it
KB (9:51:52 PM): or something like that.

betweenfailures (9:52:11 PM): that’s too meta.

KB (9:52:18 PM): probably

betweenfailures (9:52:20 PM): You’re right though…

KB (9:52:24 PM): now I forgot the other one

betweenfailures (9:52:27 PM): Now I’m thinking about it.
betweenfailures (9:52:33 PM): O_O

KB (9:52:36 PM): hehehe
KB (9:52:39 PM): SNOOSNOO

KB (9:52:54 PM): he did use a cane I think..

betweenfailures (9:53:32 PM): Rowling’s hidden fetish.

KB (9:53:43 PM): quite

KB (9:55:05 PM): Wand and 2 snitches

betweenfailures (9:55:40 PM): XD
betweenfailures (9:55:52 PM): Oh man, you are way better at this than me.

KB (9:56:03 PM): Vault goblins.. in my pants
KB (9:56:17 PM): none of these are really domain namey :B

betweenfailures (9:56:29 PM): Still funny though.
betweenfailures (9:56:37 PM): I’m about crying over them.

KB (9:56:51 PM): you are easily amused :D

betweenfailures (9:57:12 PM): I really am. Give me a mad lib and I’ll laugh myself into a coma.

KB (9:59:54 PM): Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s stones.

betweenfailures (10:00:14 PM): Oooooh that’s a good one…

betweenfailures (10:03:00 PM): How about the freaky cauldron?

KB (10:03:18 PM): Hell Leaky Cauldron would still work
KB (10:03:31 PM): DIAGON ALLEY

betweenfailures (10:03:33 PM): yeah, but I know that’s a potter site for reals.

KB (10:03:41 PM): oh
KB (10:03:56 PM): My friend didn’t get it.

betweenfailures (10:04:46 PM): I got it.
betweenfailures (10:04:51 PM): Got it so good.

KB (10:04:56 PM): uh oh

betweenfailures (10:05:13 PM): Maybe something with the tri wizard cup…
betweenfailures (10:05:21 PM): tri wizard hump?

KB (10:05:31 PM): ahhhhh

betweenfailures (10:05:39 PM): bi wizard cup?

KB (10:05:56 PM): that just means 2

betweenfailures (10:06:04 PM): but they are being sexy.

KB (10:06:23 PM): I don’t think it gets across as sexual easily

betweenfailures (10:06:41 PM): you’re probably right. I’m just working it out.

KB (10:07:37 PM): Quidditch balls are touching
KB (10:07:45 PM): ahh hurt my brain again

betweenfailures (10:08:05 PM): XD

For the record, when making up a fake website using dot net or dot org is funnier than other choices.  I’m not sure why.


Nina is officially 100x cooler to me now that we know she’s a yaoi fangirl…
I personally cannot imagine Dumbledore Yaoi… oh damn now I can…
But Dramione is my fave non canon pairing I have to say…

Actually, that site name doesn’t explicitly scream slash fiction. It could be Dumbledore/McGonagall or other hetero pairings.

Who else searched for that domain, I know it wasn’t just me.

The only non-canon pairing I hate more than Dramione is Snape/Hermione – – – can we all say it together…

I just love Nina’s expression in the last panel she’s really cute when embarrassed? exasperated? whatever the correct word for the emotion in question

fictional sites:
twowizardsonecup.net – contains gay HP erotica.
elderwands.com – contains HP erotica centered on older characters.

real site with an improbable name:
thequidditchpitch.org – various fan fiction from plain to erotic.

My question is: did she make her post before or after Rowling outed Albus? The flavor of the fanfic would be quite different depending on the implicit assumptions before and after.

“Hagrid’s Dad” really is a disturbing thought – you should be forced to read bad Potter fanfic for 2 hours as punishment for inflicting it on us…

Well, I for one am glad you didn’t go with the 2 witches 1 cup idea. Even if they were being sexy.

I can’t agree with the you can’t expect a robot to have a sexual history cause I’m a fan of Futurama.

This is a very good reason not to post lemons until well after a series is over.

Man, coming up with website names is fun.

CrossingWands (you never make them touch!)
TrouserSnape (heehee)
SnitchSeekers (sounds like a dating site…)

In other innuendo, there’s a giant snake in Dumbledoor’s chamber of secrets.

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