741 Sans Pants.

You know, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, haven’t done a lot for me over the years. Apart from making me worry about stuff, but Japan is different. Even before I knew what Japan was it’s been making my life better. The Japanese are responsible, in some part, for almost everything I like most; from Transformers to Pokemon. The room I’m in right now is covered in Japanese stuff. The images of destruction there break my heart. It’s not a lot, but I’m going to give a week of advertising earnings to the Red Cross, or whatever charity seems to be the best.  Maybe when I have it calculated I’ll post it so people can match it if they want.  This is old news to those of you who follow me on DA & FA.

If you guys have any data concerning what the best charity to help Japan with is please let me know.  It’s all very complex and annoying.


I’m okay with Jess’s world being pants-optional.

As for Japan, the combination of cataclysmic natural disasters, burning refineries, nuclear reactor meltdowns, the resulting post-urban wastelands, and names like “Chiba” and “Sendai” is giving the whole thing a weird Gibson/Shadowrun (and Gibson would be so pissed about me pairing him up with Shadowrun) vibe for me. Especially with Shadowrun’s Awakening scheduled for later this year.

Been a while since I’ve checked my Shadowrun books, but wasn’t the awakening scheduled to coincide with that whole Mayan calendar 2012 miscalculation?

I think there are several of us who would enjoy living in a pants-optional world. Er…at least…I can imagine that SOME people would be comfortable…y’know, being given that choice.

brooksie should be careful its a known fact that bean bags eat more people a year that crocodiles, hippos, and occasionally the common briefcase

@Thrudd I find it amusing that you were the first to mention that, because that was what was going through my head, too. Apparently the seriousness in Japan has affected people’s perv meters.

Am I the only one that thinks Brooksie looks like Captain Gloval from Robotech in panel 4? A very SHORT Captain Gloval… And I agree. Pants optional is good. Almost as good as going commando in loose gym shorts. ^_^

Oh LOL! At least the third time I’ve read this, but the first time I remembered a bean bag chair doing this to me when I was little. I think I was scared of them for a while! XD

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