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I got a chance recently to speak to another artist whose work I followed for a long time, before he stepped away from it.  A lot of the time when I get to speak to other artists it ends up being a bad experience.  (All of this relates to the whole finding out about artists you like thing from earlier blogs.)  I was afraid that getting to know him better might ruin the good memories of his comic for me.  Luckily he was as unassuming and as much of a regular dude as his work would suggest. 

It was really odd to be spoken to like an equal.  Most of the time I get talked down to, or treated like I’m being tolerated, if I get spoken to at all.  I understand where that would come from with someone who’s really popular, but it doesn’t make me any happier about it.  I recognize my place in the world, but am still deluded enough to believe what I do in it is worthwhile.  Anyway, it was sort of surreal in a way.  Misty The Mouse  is one of the comics that, I don’t know, inspired me, I guess, to try my own hand at making a comic.  So, if you enjoy my work you owe at least a little gratitude to Dutch for it. 

He’s started a new venture.  There’s a link to it in the links thingy at the top of the page, but I’ll link it here too.  Fat Wizardess is the title, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Parts of the site are not safe for work, and it’s swimming in fatties, so consider yourself warned.  (Also, if you don’t like fatties, keep it to yourself.  If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything, at least in this case.) 

I suspect some of you have had chances to meet people you admire, or however you want to phrase it.  How did it go?  Were you disappointed?  Was it awesome?  Did you get to make sweet, sweet, love with them?  I’m curious.  Please to be telling me your story.


I don’t remember ever meeting anyone famous. I remember once meeting a local celebrity who portrayed a spaceman hosting Fox’s afternoon line-up of shows, back when the channel started in this area probably 25 years ago or so, but it was a “hi, get autograph, bye” thing. I haven’t even met my 3rd cousin who used to play professional football and was in the movie “Stone Cold,” so congratulations on meeting Dutch, and sorry for not having a “meet someone I really wanted to” story.

As to his new webcomic, there’s good fat and ugly fat. From what I’ve seen of it so far (I’m caught up to date), it’s good fat. Of course, I am of the “bigger the cushion, sweeter the pushin'” belief, so YMMV.

Back in the day I had a friend who had pretty wild parties. I got to meet Jack Crain, the guy who designed knives for Schwarzenegger, which was very cool, and John Steakley, who wrote Armor and Vampire$. Steakley was very cool overall, ended up hanging at his flat a couple of times. Then had an evening with Nigel Berret from Forever Knight. Also very cool guy. And like a billion webcomic writers. Now THAT’s a mixed bag.

You’re right – some artists are very cool and laid back, others are only interested in telling you how much more awesome they are than you’ll ever me. Fav’s in that realm are RK Millholland and Bruce Lewis.

I had a chance to meet the cast of Xena: Warrior Princess once.
At the time I was completely infatuated by Renee O’Connor, who played Gabrielle.
She was the only one who wasn’t there.

Well, J.T Woodruff drew a moustache on me with a sharpie in honor of the one he was growing for the tour. Nothing too exciting, but apparently it was worthy of the girl I was with telling anyone who would listen for the next month. He was a friendly enough guy.

Since you like to recount your dreams, let me lay out an odd one that I had last night. I am having to gently explain to a underage,dwarf, unbeautiful (as contrasted to ugly), vampire girl that I won’t make love to her, as I am married, faithful, and besides that WAY to old for her. and she is crying and saying “it’s because I am ugly, isn’t it?” And how no one will ever love her.
And then she ends up biting me on the buttocks.

Ever notice, vampires are generally prime specimens of humanity, not for them a hunched back, and for obvious reasons they don’t look old.

personally, i’ve never met anyone i actually idolize, but i’ve met several celebrities in my fairly short life

Webb Wilder said “Hi” to me once at a show. If you don’t know who Webb Wilder is, look it up. You’ll thank me later. Pick up on it.

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