I haven’t seen the G.I. Joe movie.  It’s one of those ones that everyone expected me to really care about, but I just didn’t.  I’m a fan but, by the looks of it, I expect it to be sort of like the first Transformers; fun in its way, but ultimately not what I hoped for.  I gotta say though, the action figures are really cool looking.  It must be a sweet time to be a kid.  I haven’t bought a Joe in years, but I’ve been tempted.  The ninjas look really cool, and are about true enough to the characters to stand next to the old toys without looking out of place.  That is a way nerdy line of thought.  Not as nerdy as the Scarlett versus Lady Jaye debate, but that’s a whole other thing.


Speaking of NINJAS (well not really), PoP movie coming soon! Okay, so he’s like a sand ninja? Persian warrior is stretching it, I mean when was the last game you saw, outside of the PoP series, a Persian warrior complete that many jumping attacks?

S’posed to cover mostly the story of the prince with using the dagger as a plot device. kinda lame disney picked up on this one, but at least Jerry Bruckheimer is behind it. Maybe been better if Touchstone Pictures picked it up, I wonder if they’ll use Lionsgates Films to do the Warrior Within, what with all the jumping and blood, and emo-ness and jumping, and sexy hot ladies that want to kill him…and jumping wall strikes. JUMPING.

Speaking of Jumping, it looks like Mike is in for a world of hurt in the next page.

On the Lady Jaye vs. Scarlett debate, Scarlett’s a redhead with a crossbow, and she knows how to use it… never piss off a redheaded woman. They’re more vengeful than latina women (i.e. Lorena Bobbitt), so I’m going to stick with her. Plus there’s the fact she’s got long hair instead of a boy-cut like Lady Jaye…

I hate reggie, dudes a total douche, hope he get’s his commupance like when he sits down to eat a bowl of lucky charms that leprechaun comes up an kicks him i nthe nuts and takes away his bowl of cereal.

I guess Mike would be a viper.
He definitely tried to… DODGE his responsibilities!

I’m sorry.

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