If the fires hot enough, the water breaks apart, and the oxygen molecules that form part of the water fuel the fire. But, the fire has to be the temperature of rocket fuel fire.

Actually, no it just turns into water vapor. To get water to break down you have to electrify it. It then breaks down into its highly explosive gaseous make-up Oxygen and Hydrogen. A single spark ignites them then they are once more water vapor provided they react with each other and not something else.

Wow. If even one reader goes and looks up that reference, and watches the whole movie…

…the world will be a poorer place.

You bastard.

And with that my plan will be complete!

As a side note: there is an anime called Airmaster which is basically Gymkata in a schoolgirl skirt. And also manages to be good. Somehow. Possibly because the makers had never actually heard of Gymkata.

Still. I hope your plan is worth it. You bastard.

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