453 Verbiage.

I had a dream about visiting my Uncle’s trailer house (Which he doesn’t have.) and discovering a series of water filled tunnels underneath.  There were giant jellysquid that were reaching out from under his house and making off with kids, pets, and what have you.  I woke up before any sort of plan had been established for fighting said creatures in their watery domain. 

As I type out the word water I find myself wondering why we don’t pronounce it way-ter.  By some rules that’s how it should be said.  Or we should spell if watter.  Or even wahter.  English is an unfair language.


I think every language has its own problems. German had a lot of language reforms but it’s still a pain in the ass to learn. I don’t want to start xplaining french or even japanese here. xD

Don’t be modest Felix you’re very observant, too. I know I never noticed the ear numbers before.

I had this weird Jurassic Park dream last night that resulted in me somehow owning a Saint Bernard that was crossbred with a stegosaurus. And then I was at summer camp? But summer camp was at my house, and everyone had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Weird.

English has tons of rules and tons of exceptions to every rule that you must memorize. It has more words than any other language on Earth, never mind adding “Ebonics” to it. It’s spoken all over the globe, despite having such screwy rules to memorize. And if you don’t like English…English smacks you around until you LIKE IT.

And Felix, it’s a 4. It’s easier to tell in some pictures than in others.

I just stayed up with some old friends drinking and talking about alien abductions. So my dreams are probably gonna be a bit strange tonight.

Hm… I’m like to see a blue button down shirt with the logo on the left breast. Kind of like a uniform shirt or something. (Though I do like several of the shirts already in your stock.)

Shirts. The life blood of webcomic artists. XD

Fighting a squid in it’s watery abode?! Are you mad, sir?! O_O I think you have the French to thank for some of our non-phonetic spellings. Curse you Normans!

Heh. I just noticed. Phonetic isn’t. :P

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