448 Either Way.

The other day I decided to trade some Pokemon from Diamond to Platinum.  Can’t remember why now, but I had a reason at the time.  I threw some old school Pokemon onto the list just to make sure that the old annoying things about trading were still intact.  To my surprise there didn’t seem to be any restrictions at all.  I traded over the starters from Ruby/Sapphire/Green & Red, and a few random special pokemon.  Never once was I told I couldn’t.  It nearly made me cry.  They finally removed all the bullshit restrictions, or my games are somehow flawed in such a way that I’m allowed to cheat.  Either way, win. 

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Ben Folds Five, but one of my friends is moving even farther away from me soon, and I find myself hearing the song “Video” in my mind.  I’ve always been striving to get to an imaginary point in my life when I’ll be able to gather my friends together at a moments notice.  I think becoming an adult must partially be to accept that there’s no way for that to be real.  Giving up on that is just something I can’t seem to do though.  Every day I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to make that insane dream come true. 

(If this were an emo teenager’s blog you’d find the lyrics to the chorus of the song right here.)

I dream unreasonable dreams…  but at least they have a sweet piano rock soundtrack.   XD


Sorry to burst your bubble on the trade restrictions thing but Platinum isn’t the same kind of “new” as, say, Gold and Silver were to Red and Blue. It’s a long and shamefully nerdy explanation so we’ll skip it. But your game’s not flawed and there are still restrictions (you can’t, you know, send stuff from Platinum to Ruby, for example). You still win though any time your Pokédex gets closer to being filled.

Furthering on what Carl said- the restrictions only apply when trading between generations.

Which is awesome when you can start a team with pokemon that you wouldn’t normally be able to get until after you’ve completed the national pokedex. Starting with a bagon in pearl was great fun.

If only platinum was out in NZ T___T

You know what? you should do another comic that’s just your dreams, because you have a new one every frickin’ day! or draw the story you told about the time you and your friend saved that trucker in the ditch, that was an awesome story.

This page made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my couch, for reals dawg.

You want the ECLAIR? You WANT the eclair?!? Your arteries can’t handle the eclair!
Seriously though, how often in real life does an angry midget, no matter how geek-handsome they may be, get chased after by two women? I’ve rarely seen short guys being chased after by a single woman at once in my life and never mind multiple.

Wow… Gotta agree with Zac. So either find the girl of your dreams… Or break out the children’s Tylenol.

Going out on a limb here and gonna point out, again, that it isn’t that much further away. Web Fairy comes through the area often enough, you just have to flag her down and catch a ride!

The sad thing, Ed was totally oblivious to his potential that Nina’s mentioning. All guys are. Even Carol needed to be completely blunt towards Tom to get him to figure it out.

i’m not sure which of the two pairs i’m rooting for. both girls are cute in their own way. hmm.

but yeah, guys are oblivious. i know. i’m living proof >_>

Best part is that Nina doesn’t have to worry about the ‘no dating co-workers’ rule. Because wanting to have sex until you can’t move isn’t DATING… Thus, it’s not against the rules.

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