Good grief he bleeds a lot! @_@ You’d think he woulda stopped by now…

I laughed so hard at this page. A little gross but still hilarious! XDDD Nina is my new favorite character.

Wasnt that gross. Was hilarious though! XD Maybe Im just not phased by a joke like that cuz Im a girl… he really IS a pussy though holy crap. I cant belive hes gushing blood and wobbling around all dazzed just from one hard slap.

Oh man. I took me aprox 20 sec to get that Joke with the “girl” and the “bleeding pussy” you are naughty. :)

Too cool!

You’re going to have to eat lots of weird food right before bedtime and have strange dreams before you can top this one . . .


And here I thought that only Carol could injure a man’s pride! The guys in the comic better not play with anything flammable because the girls know how to deliver a good burn.

Ha HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!! XD Ah … ah…. ….. must… breathe….
Great page. ^_^ The joke literally made me laugh out loud and Nina’s face in the second panel is perfect– the epitome of bitchdom. ^_^

Thank Cthulhu I wasn’t drinking when I read this. I’m still laughing.

I wonder… is Reggie a hemophiliac or something? He seems to be leaking like a sieve.

I wandered over here a bit ago and started rummaging through your archives and would just like to say I’m loving the comic – several have had me chuckle to myself and a few even got a genuine laugh – this one almost caused the soda I’m drinking to rapidly exit my face. Well done, Sir. Well done.

I’d tell him to grow a pair… but then I realize I’d be demeaning myself, and every other male in all species by even implying the comparison.

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