405 See No Evil.

You know, I actually like Reggie.  Sure he’s a dick, but he’s not worse than the rest of the cast by orders of magnitude.  That being said, it was really fun to draw him injured…

A friend of mine gave me a cool Nerf gun just before Christmas.  It’s a clear version of the N Strike Maverick Rev – 6 with day glow orange highlights.  That particular model is my favorite of all the recent Nerf stuff.  I even have two of the same toy in the blue and yellow color scheme that you can’t buy anymore.  (I don’t have the bright yellow version, but if I had extra money to blow on such extravagances I would.  Just to complete the set…)

At any rate, I remembered someone telling me once that the blue/yellow Mavericks were actually valuable to collectors, so I went to Ebay to check it out. (Not that I would really part with one.)  What I found there amazed me.  There’s a whole subculture dedicated to modifying Nerf guns.  I guess it’s for cosplay, or things of that nature.  Some of the modifications were quite spectacular.  It was really neat.  You guys should check it out when you have some time to fritter away.  I wanted to try doing some modding myself until my rational mind ticked over and told me I didn’t have time for such fancies.

Well, okay, I have slightly modified my Mavericks, but not outwardly.  I made them so they would shoot farther, which the tag on the gun tells you not to do.  The thing is, I’m a loner Dotty.  A rebel.

A maverick, if you will.


The previous poster has just made me feel extremely old all of a sudden. I do believe that it has been over 20 years since I got my first nerf gun.

@Waldo Just so you don’t feel _too_ old, I’m 22. My parents didn’t allow gun-like toys in the house (and looking back at how hyper we were, probably a wise idea).

@dxprog that makes me feel much better. I’m not much older, I was just raised in a different house, probably a few things that you got young that I missed.

dude you gotta get yourself a Longshot CS-6

Longshot CS-6 The longshot CS-6 is the ideal sniper rifle. It is a manually cycled breech loading nerf dart gun with collapsible stock visually modeled after a sniper rifle, such as a DSR-1. The firearm is fed from a 6 round magazine. The toy includes a barrel extension that serves as a single shot muzzle loaded sidearm and foregrip. The top handle features a Tactical Rail System with detachable scope with crosshairs but no optical functionality. Additionally, the Longshot is built with an integral folding bipod. The magazine release is located on the right side, and a load indicator window to the top rear. The toy is provided with a pair of magazines and twelve Streamline Darts. The blaster was the first gun to require Streamline Darts, which have a modified tip shape to slide smoothly through the blaster’s breech. The Longshot is unique among Nerf blasters for its length of over three feet with the extension attached and stock extended.

Sharing its mechanism and ammunition with the later Recon CS-6, the Longshot is notable for its sophisticated operation. The toy operates with a manual charging lever extending from both sides. Pulling the lever back towards the stock cocks the air spring, and opens the breech. Forward motion on the lever feeds a dart from the magazine, locking the breech. The magazine, breech, and charging lever is locked into place until the trigger is pulled and the toy discharged. The magazine release is only operable from an open breech with the charging lever pulled back. There is no manual decocker or safety.

I used to have that nerf gun that was kind of like a chain gun. I think it was called the warthog, or ripsaw, it was from back when they had all the animal themed guns. I ruled my block with that thing.

BTW the tags are wrong on this strip.

I didn’t know it was possible to collect Nerf Guns. I also got a cool idea for a pic. A lol. if you will.

Haha, go Nina.

I have 2 Mavericks, the bright yellow ones. I’ve modified one to look like it’s made of brass, pewter (yay metal flake paints), and wood, for a steampunky effect. Unfortunately while I was farting around with it, I broke it’s guts and it no longer works. But it looks nice… and I still have an unaltered one.

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