375 You Break It You Bought It.

I remember you.  You’re the little girl from the water tribe.

So, here’s another dream I had…

I’m trapped in this room that looks like the insides of a cruise ship.  It’s like the working parts, like in the Poseidon Adventure.  The room is square and there’s a large pool of rusty water that’s slowly rising up to my walkway.  I have to disable the system in order to stop the water and escape the room.  Meanwhile, a giant merman is trying to stop me.  The higher the water gets the more he can pester me.  The controls are in this little flip open podium box, and they’re complex, but I know I can disable the device if I have enough time.  The giant merman keeps fucking with me though, so I take these two screwdrivers and plunge them into his skull.  This both surprises and kills him.  So he’s dead, but now he’s sinking into the rising water and I can’t get back my screwdrivers.  (These screwdrivers happen to be a couple of them that my parents have had since I was little.  A yellow handle one, and an old wooden handled icepick looking one.)  I’m not about to get into that water to get them back, so now I have to disable the device without tools.  Except I have my Invader Zim Dib keychain charm on my wallet.  I ruin it, but manage to escape the device.  Once I get outside I’m in open clear water and can see an inhabited island.  I wake up before I get there.


Would make a good level in a video game. Though it would have to include the Invader Zim Dib key chain charm, or else it just wouldn’t be as good.

Wow, I have to say that’s some dream. That’s right up there with my bungee jumping into an active volcano / escaping in a speed boat dream :)

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