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After my travel adventure yesterday I intended to work for a few hours. I was tired though so I thought I’d take a three hour nap & then work. Ten hours later I woke up. It’s really rare for me to sleep straight through for that long. 8 hours is uncommon. I usually function normally at 6. I will catch a nap if I can but it’s usually not necessary. I guess I’ve been going too hard at it for too many days. Anyway, I just worked from beginning to end in a sitting, which I don’t like to do anymore, but it was what was required. Hopefully I can get back to a regular schedule quickly. The town where I go to the dentist had a big community outbreak of covid, so I was in slightly more danger, but maybe I evaded it again. I guess we’ll see.


They’d probably protect you from your Mom, dear Jo. Were I on the same side of the 4th wall as you, I’d certainly try my best to do that!

Your concerns about Covid are sensible but a bit overblown.

Let’s remember that, as of right now, this thing is proving about as fatal as a particularly harsh flu season. People are going shopping, going out to eat and going to work every day, and not catching a thing. There’s certainly call for precaution, but we do need to be reasonable about it. Look what’s happening in the states where they’re being less reasonable about things, like New York. People are abandoning that state in droves.

That all may well be, but I am the ONLY person making this thing here work, so I can’t afford to be sick for weeks at a time. I’m treating this shit the same way I treat even catching a cold. I always get a flu shot every year too, because I can’t afford down time even when it isn’t potentially life threatening.

A particularly harsh flu season without a vaccine or proven antiviral treatments is serious shit. Current U.S. death toll is 213,000. Jackie has preexisting chronic respiratory problems, which increase his personal risk. And if you are implying that people are fleeing New York to escape prudent safety protocols, the folks in the boonies they are fleeing to are in for a nasty surprise.

Stay safe, Jackie.

“As fatal as a particularly harsh flu season”
Is … incorrect.

1. It’s at least twice as fatal as a “particularly harsh flu season” IF YOU GET IT
2. You’re more likely to get it because NO ONE has had it before.
3. That 218,000 dead? That’s just confirmed as COVID. The USA currently has 400,000 more people dead than it did this time last year.

And #1 – that’s if you take the WHO mortality rate. If you take the USA reported figures, it’s about 8x as fatal.

yeah confirmed as a covid death.. motorcycle accident…choking…and a 111 year old ( no way it was just old age).. you sir are just helping to push an overreaction to a flu.

almost 3 million people die in the US every year. 200k is a drop in the bucket. and to be expected.

I knew a kid in school named Jason Stewart. He died while “cleaning his gun”. He’s referenced in the comic a couple of times as sort of a memorial. Someone randomly brought him up two days ago & it’s weird that now you’re commenting with the same name. Coincidence is a hell of a drug.

‘Old Age’ hasn’t been a valid Cause of Death (COD) for several decades.

This is the issue when arguing about numbers…

COVID functions much in the same way that AIDS/HIV does. It is exceedingly rare to have HIV be the primary or only COD. However, if someone dies from influenza, and the secondary or tertiary COD is HIV, then it is taken as given that the HIV weakened their immune systems enough that they couldn’t fight off the influenza and therefore died.

So you will rarely see COVID as the only/primary COD. But you will absolutely see it as a secondary or tertiary COD where it weakened the person enough that whatever the primary COD was likely wouldn’t have killed them if they hadn’t also had COVID. And if I have to embalm someone with COVID you bet your bippy I treat them as being highly infectious.

*sigh* This is ‘death panels’ all over again.

Going to the dentist is a stress. Getting my teeth cleaned isn’t bad but if I get any work done, it’s definitely nap time when I get home. On the upside, If the office is at all on the ball with infection control it is probably one of the safer places in town.

Oh yeah, where I am from we have a name for mothers like that, Lil Jo. Big doodoo heads.

Stay strong Jackie. Best wishes from Brazil.

Speaking of ads, I just clicked through the ad configuration for Questionable Content. You know, the box where you don’t click Agree to Everything.

It turned out that the list of basic ad providers had 334 companies in it, yes 334, I counted them. Every single one of these had to be clicked to turn it off. That was merely the first subtopic of several. The next subtopic of making a profile looked similar in length, so I gave up.

(By contrast, this site instead allows you to easily turn off all the tracking if you mind being tracked. Or at least I hope that that’s what it meant.)

So … is Questionable Content just an enormous ad consent honeypot these days?

Are you referring to the comic site, the forum-dot subsite, or the whole thing?

I’ve seen some odd items there myself.

It’s from the pop-up that you have to click through to read the comic at all. The QC one I’m talking about looks just egregious.

Fortunately my ad blockers [yes, more than one] have prevented those issues on that particular site. Sadly Disques has a sleazy way of inserting adds into the comments section that my ad blockers are only able to zap intermittently and lets face it their AI is insane compared to googles ad-bot.

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