344 Sho’Nuff.

The Last Dragon is another film on my “why don’t I own this already?” list.  Sho ‘Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, is reason enough to watch the movie.  He’s one of the best, way over the top, movie bad guys of all time.  He’s right up there with David Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China.  I’m not sure who I enjoy more, but I think Lo Pan would win in a fight. 

Also, I made a new series of shirts for the shop.  I’m trying to finish Thomas & Carol’s as I write this, but God willing they’ll be there by the time this posts. 


Sadly, I only recently became aware that The Shogun of Harlem, Julius Carry, passed away from pancreatic cancer ten days ago. I will always remember him as Lord Bowler from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

And I <3 Brooksie.

Ah, Brooksie is the best. She will always be my favourite.

And the look on her face in the second panel is actually scary. @_@

Sho’ Nuff!
Now here’s your question… do you file it under L for Last Dragon or B for Barry Gordy’s Last Dragon…?

Why isn’t mayhaps a word? Ah well, Mayhaps I go see the last dragon. I would like to claim I know anything about movies, but I’m not old and I’ve stopped going to the theaters. theatre, what? that isn’t a word either? damn you mozilla…

Firstly, I need to get the Brisko County Jr. DVDs. Secondly, I alphabetize The last Dragon under L. Was there another Last Dragon for it to compete with? Thirdlish, mayhaps is a misspelling of mayhap, which means “it may hap” or perhaps, depending on who you ask. Fourtle, what the heck are you talking about J.H.?

Yes, yes there was. It’s a mockumentary.

We found this out by accident, by buying a film by name of “The Last Dragon” at a boot sale for £1, expecting the Shogun of Harlem and getting a bunch of fake paleontology instead.

Oh, I see what you’re saying now J.H. I’m still having issues with my service provider. Everyone can see the PW ads on my site but me. It makes me a sad panda.

I can almost imagine Brooksies voice in my head while reading this. Soft and trembling at first then screeching and shrill then warbling a bit as her voice breaks and squeaks and finally trembling and soft again. I think she just had an emotional climax of sorts, and it was awesome to watch.

Who is the mastah!….I owe my mom for introducing me to a love of kung fu flicks and low grade movies of the troma variety. Brooksie you are the last dragon you possess the power of the glow. Great Music that movie had.

The Last Dragon is AWESOME! My husband insisted on getting it and I was glad he did. I did not really remember it, but since we bought it has been played over and over again.
By the way, I really like your comi.

You know, I have to ask…Brooksie has seen so many movies, but how is she on old TV shows?
More specifically, has she ever seen the original Wild, Wild West…cause I can see her as the three-foot tall Dr. Loveless with depressing ease.

Yeah you’re right, Sho’nuff might’ve been able to take one of the Three Storms.. well, maybe not Lightning, but Lo Pan would whoop his ass.

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