279 Foiled Again.

The other day someone told me that my comic could only ever appeal to teenage girls.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I don’t see what’s so bad about appealing to teenage girls.


I just found this comic recently and I think it’s pretty good, I also particularly liked the way you introduced color. Furthermore I am neither teen aged nor a girl.

Likewise! I too am neither of those things and I find this work to be very entertaining! Time well spent.

Woe be them who ever entertained such an idea, for Jackie’s webcomic is and ever hath been appealing to us, who art most certainly no youngsters of female sex.

No. I think someone has no Idea what it is teenage girls are into these days. I mean, if the Twilight saga is anything to go by…. No, from where I’m sitting, this comic is pretty similar to Questionable Content, which I happen to know is wildly popular among all sorts of folks (My dad, a 60-something electrical engineer and Tekromancer follows that comic religiously). I mean, heck. I’m like the fourth-nerdiest guy I’ve ever heard of, and I’d be reading this even if the only character of interest was Brooksie (seriously. how can anyone resist a character so adorable?)

Man it sucks finding out i’m a teenage girl at 24… I gotta go buy some purses or something… Man i’m going to have to sell all my awsome shit.

I just found the comic today… Or maybe this is the second time I’ve stumbled across it. Anyway, I must commend you for your strong art style, interesting characters, and amusing dialogue. Oh, and I too am not a teenage girl. And I just read through the entire archives.

I must mention, however, that a few pages are driving me absolutely crazy. #93 and #94 appear to be identical, and yet have different titles. The titles seem off on #118-121, and #121 and #122 are also duplicates.

So you got me. The madness consumes me. Not only will I go crazy wondering what is up with those pages, I’m also in the unfortunate position of having /read the entire archive/. I have no backlog to read through, and now must wait. A day. Between new pages. Which brings me to another point. Your comic is totally awesome, especially for a daily comic. A whole lot of three-times a weekers can’t make this good of a comic.

Dear Dash the Consumed,
So sorry to make you crazy……..thanks for bringing the pages to our attention. Magic Web Fairy, the person who helped load some of these pages for Mr. J.T., has obviously screwed up. Rest assured, Magic Web Fairy shall attempt to fix this soon………very soon. Thanks again!!
Love & kisses,
Magic Web Fairy ;-)

Dude, I’m a dude. Maybe a bit effeminate, but I think you have a great story and a lot of talent. I’d like to see more of Brooksie, though. And you may take that in whatever way you will.

Crave: I want to do a Brooksie centric story sometime, but I don’t want to try it to early and ruin it. She’ll be around in future stories for sure though.

Mebbe I shouldn’t comment on here, since you’re going for non-teenage girls… Oh well. You obviously have other fans than me ^.^ And rest assured, I will keep loving this comic after I’m teenage. They probably said that since this is more of a romantic comedy. I don’t see why most guys can’t like romantic comedies, but oh well. My brother loves it though. He’s the one who recommended it to me.

Well, I’m not a teen (my wife says my mental age is 8), and obviously from my previous remark, I’m not a girl, but I’m a sucker for good storytelling.

I … I confess that I am a hopeless romantic, a total sucker for any “boy meets girl” storyline. However: the fact that the boy is a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling, and the girl is a heartless bitch with a meglomaniacal streak a mile wide makes me happy. Very happy, in ways that are weird, and deeply confusing to me.

This comment. Congratulations, you just won the Internet! Nice one, Brad!

I, too, am not a girl. I, too, enjoy this comic. I am, however, a teenager. They were half right.

heres a thought. since they kinda like each other now and they both know itblahblahblah, i dont think this is bad for him. i think i see….personal stuff happening

Somehow T’s face causes me to think of the “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” line being spoken by Marvin the Martian as “Is she plotting what I’m plotting? A-hmm…”

Two comments to that. One, I can’t stop enjoying these, and I’m pretty sure I’m still a guy. Second, being appealing to teenage girls is a gift, sir. Be proud of it.

The obvious fishing for response aside, as a non-teenaged guy who just found this webcomic through the webcomics list and must say that it is delightfully engaging. The characters were quickly rounded out, show real humanity and I love the humor in this strip. I’m definitely bookmarking this site and am hoping Thomas gets what’s “comming to him”. haha.

oh carp. coming is spelled with only one ‘m’. How did I miss that? Stupid fat fingers.

C – I don’t count off for spelling.

As several people have already commented, I’m a teenage guy, but still like the comic. Appealing to teenage girls isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you believe Disney, it’s the best marketing strategy ever.

I’m of teenage years and strangely enough, female.
Not that I don’t desire to be one but I suppose there are many reasons of my better understand with the opposite sex rather than my own.. Weird, that.
I go to an all-girl’s school too.. DOUBLE WHAMMY.

Also, your style is brilliant! Your humor is appealing and there’s nothing wrong with an audience like teenage girls as long as we don’t all type lyke disSsSs and have red dotted lines under every word..
Wait. Not everyone uses Firefox.
M’ Bad.

I guess I’m a teenage girl, despite my 22 years of life and my beard.

If being a teenage girl is what is required to like this comic, THEN A TEENAGE GIRL SHALL I BECOME!

No, no, I merely jest.

Whomever told you that is so far round the bend, they be in danger of coming out the other side… or maybe they wish they were teenage and female…but I digress…
Although my late middle-age body shudders with horror at the idea of being appealing to teenages girls (like I need that fraekin’ drama?… and also ewwww, like dating my daughters!), I am also a total sucker for a romance of nearly any kind.
Like at least one other poster here, my interest was caught by the development of the character interaction and having read the archives in one gulp, am now hungry for more. Please keep up what I consider to be an excellent work!

I’m a teenage boy who acts and thinks very much like a teenage girl. Does that count?
I discovered this comic about two hours ago, and I this far in. I will likely be at today’s comic before the night is out.
You do things good.

probably the only problem with appealing to teenage girls is that you may be mistaken for a pedo.

Well, some people have asked how I can keep looking so young, despite being a 46 year old guy. But you´ve somehow stumbled onto my secret. I confess, I´ve been a teenage girl all of these years. I mean, I´m not sure how I´ve managed to remain a teenage girl for 46 years, but…

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