Since it’s been a day, and we’re now at TIGF ladies and gentlefolk, let’s ponder an orb for a moment and speak on how my mom and dad weren’t in the picture, and the woman who adopted my mom took me– and one brother– in, and always assured me that “you gotta get along with [your brother], because one day we’ll be gone and he’ll be all you have.” But I wasn’t a fool. I knew he’s go off on his own one day, and he has– he’s made it pretty big, from what I hear, though he’s changed his name now. Can’t blame him. I don’t think my story is all that unique. And I’m pretty sure Jackie’s once again written an awesome comic that’s a catalyst for some emotions/memories by imbibing visually.

Feels like kinda leaning into the slider bar on ears, eyes, and mouth sizes, like nerfing the attractiveness of a character, while talking about nerfing the outward intellect of another.

This is worded so strangely I’m baffled over what it’s trying to say.

I think Vox is saying, Nina’s big ears and eyes are making her not look attractive for a girl that’s supposed to be attractive. Though, I thought that was actually mentioned at one point in the comic, wasn’t it? Nina was a very attractive girl with larger than normal ears (that I believe she felt self conscience about at one point?).

I can only guess the big mouth part is for Ed?

Yeah, big ears and tiny mouth that seems more exaggerated than usual, especially with the banner ad so visible right below it with a version from I guess a couple years ago. Normally I wouldn’t comment on it, and assume it was a natural evolution of art, but mentioning the sister outwardly dumbing down made me wonder if it was the artist making a conscious decision that the character would relax about her looks, or the artist subconsciously de-emphasizing how cute his characters are, or some variation.
I’m still enjoying the comic, and it’s still on my main page for checking for updates. Sorry it was not clear, sometimes I check content just before sleep.

Background event, so to speak: I noticed that Nina finished at least one glass of wine. We never got a number on how many it takes for her to get extra giggly.

Ed is showing a lot of love for his twin here. Good backstorying.

The first time I was ever in my friend Kevan’s home I looked around and noticed a few things. His library, full of books on chemistry, physics, mathematics, chess, Shakespeare… His living room with 12 chess boards set up. His guitars, and his laboratory. I said to him I bet a lot of people underestimate you…. As did I a few minutes ago…. He just smiled…. I miss that guy.

Brothers and sisters go through a lot of rivalry/expectation/shit talking in life. My sister and I fell out of communication through not fault of both of us (I joined the military to escape home and she felt a little resentful I could do that. I just wrongly considered her part of my family issue).
Recently, her and I reconnected, and despite the fact that we have our problems, when I found out she had cancer, I realized that I still have a lot of love for her (it devastated me to find out my little sissy might die).
It’s tough when you both just tried to survive and not go crazy at home, and it’s even tougher when you realize you should have just been more supportive. But we were young, and age helps you figure these things out.

I know exactly when my brother’s birthday is.

He spent *decades* shoving it in my face that for nine days out of the year, he was “officially” two years older than me.

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