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Hello reader. I hope this content finds you well. Humble though it may be it was made with love. Additionally, I have added a bonus page to the patreon… Which I should also add to Subscribestar now that I think about it. It’s not important to the larger story. It’s just a conversation between Thomas and Alex mentioned in passing in the actual comic. It’s almost completely reused assets like my emergency comics. Not to undersell my own work. Still, it is extra content if you are a hardcore fan of whatever the fuck it is I’m doing with my life. There’s no schedule for the updates on the extra pages. It’s just whenever I have a few moments to throw them together.

As I’ve already mentioned the support methods I’ll simply wish you well and wait patiently to start existing again when you notice me on Friday. Try not to die between now and then.


I’d probably be never do anything sinwise if I thought Big Brother Goku was always watching. We need our privacy sometimes, you creepy hobo.

Thank you for the awesome and enticing comic. I may finally be able to become a patron, we will have to cross our fingers

Sin is such a stupid concept. Well, not really, it’s a really smart concept. When you consider where it comes from, at least. You train your populace that not only is it Thought Crime to question what you, the religious leader, say but that there is also an omniscient Big Brother who will know about it even if you never show in any way that you did it and unlike real world prosecution you won’t even know if you’ve been caught because there’s only any consequence after you die. So it’s better than 1984’s Big Brother because even if you think you weren’t caught, you still won’t know. And it’s much, much cheaper.

But, you know, other than that, sin is a really, really stupid concept: major or even eternal punishment for minor slights against the preferred opinion of an apparently very, very delicate supposedly omnipotent eldritch abomination who supposedly loves you.

The problem with your assertion is that said omnipotent eldritch deity also offers immediate and total reconciliation for any of those slights, to nearly any degree of severity, on demand.

Sure. For a long time and in many religions and congregations, that act has coincided with (often quite significant) financial contributions to the coffers of the clergy or specific clergymen.

Since that happens- please tell everyone [not to go to those religions/places of worship and congregations].
I’m for each person- having their own religion, or choosing not to have one, but- I’m not for religious-people or congregations, who use con-man-tricks + greed, to make themselves overstuffed and rich.

And any sin committed that isn’t a legally defined crime by a Supreme Court is pretty much moot since it’s an exercise of freedom afforded to you by your Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why should it become irrelevant because of the sacrifice of Jesus?

This is why American Christianity is funny. We say we love Christ but sin against his teachings anyway because of our constitutional rights.

God Bless America…I guess?

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