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You guys really got into my ridiculous time travel suggestion. It’s too bad I don’t get paid for engagement like on Twitter. XD

There’s something innately fascinating about secret rooms. I think most people are enamored of them to one degree or another. Even if they aren’t secret per se. In one of our old houses there was a little cement room. I don’t remember what it was actually for, but we didn’t really use it for anything. The edges of the basement were spidery so we tended to stay clear, but I always wanted to mess around in there, even though I was too afraid to go in for very long. That old basement was weirdly scary in that the edge rooms felt ominous but the main area was basically normal. We spent a lot of time down in that large center part when we were little. It would flood periodically so it was never finished in any part. It was just blank cement, but it was extremely well poured. I remember it being much more smooth than cement usually is. At least in that open area. The laundry room was a bit more crude. It was a solid foundation for a very nice house. Anyway you probably don’t have time for my nostalgia any more than I do, so I’ll leave you to go back to your lives.

As always, please support the comic via the links above if you feel so inclined. Have a safe couple of days, and I’ll see you here on Friday if the good lord wills it so.


I am certainly one of those that is enamored with the concept of secret rooms. So much so that when I was younger I accidentally trained myself to construct secret rooms everywhere in my dreams, so now even entering my 4th decade I still occasionally find myself stumbling into hidden places whilst I slumber

I had an attic when I was a young laird. My brothers and I would explore when we weren’t being chased out by my grandma.

I think we all jumped on the time travel because you’re not alone in questioning the fantastical “what if”. I’ve had that sort of dialogue previously, and in general imagination is a varied, wonderful thing. I use it to build various castles and high platforms in games, but, I’m weird. Did you know I didn’t know you could beat up people in Grand Theft Auto? Just never occurred to me to try it.

See you Friday :)

I can’t even COUNT the number of times something or someone was so interesting that I translated them into a campaign. Years of doing that. Still do in fact. That phrase is so spot on.

There was a dark, (1800s?), naval, cannon station, near my college.
The cannon station was underground, except for the windows + cannon ports.
It was open to the public, but it felt like you were getting away with something, when you explored it, in the day, or at night. :D

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