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Well, I don’t think I have anything of value to add to this, so I guess I’ll just remind you about the support links above and wish you all a nice weekend. My parents are going to a wedding so I’m in charge of the dogs. The dogs are very unhappy that mom & dad are not here and are not being shy about it at all… I guess it’s clear Im not the favorite human. Anyway, if god wills it so, I’ll see you on Monday.


To be fair, the disappearance of any human from the pack makes dogs anxious and distressed. They know instinctively that lone dogs die, and can’t understand that humans can come and go without much danger. So they’re probably more stressed out that their pack is broken than whether or not you’re the favorite human.

This may be presumptuous, but perhaps you can make this a bonding opportunity.
I’m more of a “cat person”, but I’ve worked in a pet store, & found that I can bond with dogs, if I’m willing to try.
Soothing words, gentle touch, & some patient snuggle time, can go a long way to soothe and reassure the pack.

This is one of those times when Jessie’s semi-performative egotism is actually quite charming.

Knock ’em dead, Lincolns.

While I appreciate the effort put in to help Ed out, I respectfully disagree that Jess ever comes off charming with those last-line snipes. While a realistic representation of sibling dynamics, it still just makes her efforts lose any sincerity on my end.

On a different note, I noticed Ed’s hair tie mysteriously turned Red one panel (full body shot) – easily just a small detail, but he was wearing a red one before changing clothes (Jess had hair down). Although, I kind of dig it if the two wore opposing colors, not only to represent they’re different people, but also for personal identification reasons as well.

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