I would be unnafected, because I can resist any urges. Wait… to resist the urges, they would have to be caused, and that would mean she affected me. Darn logic/laws of nature.

I’d be totally unaffected. Or at least totally un-turned-on.

1) Blondes are not my type.
2) Interference in my personal space freaks me the fuck out. True story: a girl I had a crush on hugged me when I wasn’t expecting it while I was in high school and I just couldn’t be around her for a week after that. I was so tweaked out that I didn’t care that, you know, in a way that was kind of what I’d been wanting.

So this isn’t about blondes, or being unaffected. It seems you simply suffer from OCD and/or “the paranoias”. I recommend heavy medication.

Sounds fair. Once you know someone can ambush you, nowhere feels safe.
I’d be surprised if you hadn’t reflex-elbowed her. I’ve definitely been there before.

No, Wise Idiot had it right. “Some girl I liked hugged me and violated my personal space which scared me me and freaked me out even though IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I HOPED WOULD HAPPEN!” Seriously. you hoped it would happen but got all upset when it actually did. Someone call him a WAAAAAMBULANCE!

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