245 Sun Tzu.

The Art Of War can be useful in more than just military campaigns.  In fact, a lot of military strategy can be applied in the workplace. If you look back over all of BF you can see the influences of said text on Thomas’s philpsoply.  Conflict isn’t confined to war.  Day to day social situations parallel the interactions of military leaders in many ways.  It could also be said that love is a battlefield…


The stupid thing is, by the second bubble I was saying to myself: “That came straight from The Art of War” … and I hadn’t seen the title NOR second panel yet.
My knowledge of things Kung-Fuey rarely fails me.

His treatises on the use of fire in warfare are particularly useful when you want to get the store empty and closed of an evening.

Meh. For my philosophy, I prefer Machiavelli.

The Prince, while interesting, is a political treatise, not philosophy. It’s also a satire created by Machiavelli as a direct shot against the Medici family which had just overthrown the Republic of Florence, an institution he had been willing to fight and die over. He never intended for people to utilize it as some kind of “despot’s playbook,” but here we are.

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