Poor John. I hope he and Alex can hang out with each other again soon, and I hope Alex isn’t cutting him out.

Been a few years since I last caught up with this comic, but I’m glad to see it’s still going strong. They were just starting to get into the ghost hunting when I left off, and that went some amazing places! I never expected them to find a secret passage or a hidden bunker, much less a dessicated corpse. 8-O

And your character development has gone some amazing places, too. I never expected to feel much liking or sympathy for Reggie, and he’s turning out to be a much more decent guy than I thought. Who knew? Besides you, anyway. ;-)

Hard to feel left out. It’s not always bad, but when you actually start feeling it, that’s when it gets worse.

Kind of like the difference between being alone and being lonely.

IDK why but John reminds me a lot of Yosuke Hanamura

Main Characters’ Right Hand, Considered Dumb by the other characters apart from when it comes to mysteries and the occult, Constantly vascillating between Hypersensitive and Insensitive, A wannabe casanova caught by unrequited love… even their hair looks kinda similar if you squint a little, and of course change the colour.

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