No burden, man. You want to talk, go right ahead. Not a person here going to stop you.

We’re not selfish assholes like John’s alleged parents.

Very interesting story for John here. That said, with what he says about not relying on people, and his description of his parents, perhaps he’s a little more like them than he realizes? (Or likes?)

When the most reliable person in your life has been yourself, it’s hard not to be self centered, no? Given those circumstances, John’s moral compass could be much, much worse.

It’s a known psychological phenomenon that what you focus on is what you become. So focusing your life on “I’m not gonna be like my dad” means that you end up becoming like your dad. So make sure you focus on what you want to be, not what you don’t want to be.

Might as well vent here. Those who care enough to listen will read, those who don’t will ignore it (no real harm done), those who are asshole enough to dislike your venting can just shut up, and you get to vent.

Aside from people too rude to care about, I’m not immediately seeing a downside…

Do I remember a couple of guest artists on this page? Does anyone have a good joke? I’ll draw it up, and if Jackie finds it good enough, we could give him a choice or two when he needs a break.

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