Sorry, Wes, but if you’re going to match wits against Thomas, you might want to bring more than a little finger knife to a gunfight.

Genuine LOL. Now I’m picturing a guy angrily poking some dude’s shoulder like “HOW YOU LIKE THAT!?” and the other guy just looking confused.

This matchup is more like bringing a rusty sword to a fight against Excalibur. But Excalibur in the hands of George Washington, another man who would not be king. Although, Thomas strikes me as a cleaner minded Bill Clinton… Still, Wes has no clue what he is dealing with coming at J. Thomas Blackwell.

I never worry about where Wes is, as long as Reggie has his eye on him. ;)

He is a cast member though and should show up at least sometimes. He might even begin to get more interesting. Reggie has really evolved throughout the comic and other characters might do so as well. OR he could remain a tool. Only Jackie knows for sure.

Wes is replacing Reggie as head tool/screwup cause he’s gonna eventually get the stockroom code and try to Rob the place.

Mightn’t he Mike or Sammy the place? And why not Robert, Michael, or Sampson? (Obvs he won’t Bobby the place because them’s tha fuzz!)

“Because you are untrustworthy and will get us all fired. Next Question.” -Up next on Things We Wish We Could Say to Retail Coworkers!

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