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I’ve been having a really hard time sleeping recently. I rarely sleep well, but for quite some time I was at least sleeping in a way that allowed me to sleep 6 hours & then get up & do things that needed doing. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to fall properly asleep right now. Maybe it’s anxiety. Sometimes you just can’t shut out the worry. I dunno. I do, however, know that much of my worry has been alleviated by people supporting my work on Patreon & Subscribestar. Not all of it, obviously, but cerainly more than even 5 years ago. They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but you certainly can rent it. I think that saying comes from people with money who find themselves still empty inside. It’s important to have goals outside of the acquisition of money so that if you do get some you still have purpose. Much like revenge if you achieve wealth and that was your only goal you’ll find yourself at loose ends once you get it. Which is why my quest for wealth is built upon my desire to help others get through this thing we call life. Maybe not a perfect solution, but it works for me.


Had an elevator like that at the law book publishers I used to work at. They made sure they weren’t liable for anything.

What is it about machinery that has the potential for mangling you that makes it so darn much fun?

From the Canadian TV show, Red Green:

Some guy: “Why does all of MEN’S FUN have to be: noisy, destructive, and USELESS?”

Red Green: “It just DOES!”

I think the whole money can’t buy happiness thing makes sense if you think of it in the framework of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Money can buy the first two levels. However it can’t do anything for the last three levels. So naturally anyone who is struggling with any of the latter three levels despite their wealth is going to reach the conclusion that money can’t buy happiness. The unfortunate thing about the saying is that it’s most frequently said towards those who are struggling with the first two levels, and for them money is a needed thing (at least in the current society)

The key thing in the theory is that all 5 levels are needed for happiness/fulfillment
Money can’t buy happiness, but it will get you the first 2/5ths of the way there

They say living well is the best revenge. Against who ( or is it whom?) I’m not sure. Also, revenge is a dish best served cold. So get rich and move to Alaska and you’ll be happy. Until you’re tragically eaten by a kodiak bear. Or go farther North and get eaten by a polar bear. He’ll wash you down with an ice cold Coke. (not sure of kodiak bears’ beverage of choice.)

Ah yes. Machinery and spiders.
I just left a job which involved heavy (and largely invisible to most) machinery and just…just so many spiders.

Just a few weeks ago I brushed an egg sack with my face and they hatched across my face and head. I came out of that piece of equipment like I had a JATO bottle attached to my rear end.

[Keep your bits away from the moving parts].

That makes me wonder- why don’t nudists explore haunted houses?
They probably could,…I mean, there’s no one [in] the haunted houses, to SEE them. :D

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