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Speaking ominously is a lot of fun. Honestly speaking dramatically in almost any way is fun. It breaks up the monotony of everyday language. Although, in my experience, trying to use interesting language just enrages average people who don’t have very good vocabularies. I enjoy having a lot of ways to slightly differently express similar ideas. Ideas like supporting your favorite webcomic creator on platforms like Patreon. Or even your 3d to 5th favorite creator, depending upon where I. specifically, rank. In fact, let’s expand that to the top ten. I’m bound to be in there somewhere.

I like saying needlessly ominous things, or implying ill intent, or a sense of foreboding, just generally. The idea that things could always get worse amuses me, since I have a generally fatalistic worldview. Like when someone says “Well at least they haven’t banned you from your hosting.” My response would be a deadpan “Yet…” Give it a try. Annoy your friends and family. At this point they’re probably so numb to mental anguish they won’t even register anything.


Seems like he’ll try to pull the plug on Reggie getting any screen time if he feels he doesn’t like what’s being uncovered, too.

Back when OST was an on TV once weekly thing, we – would – try – to – emote – like – Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Just to piss off our friend.

I love using interesting language in regular conversation. I will regularly try to find the most obtuse ways to discuss common topics, or find complicated ways to say something of I have to repeat myself. It brings me great amusement. For example, I’m having a conversation and somebody new comes up and ask what I’m doing. Can I just say “we’re talking”? Nope. I have to say that “we are expressing our shared sentiments on testudines, would you care to weigh in?

Though often I find I’ve been doing it so long I will do it unintentionally, and people think I’m taking over their heads on purpose, to make them feel bad or stupid. I have to assure them that no, I was not trying to make them feel stupid, I’m just weird.

I will admit I both feel bad and amused when someone tells me they often reference a dictionary after talking to me just to understand what I’m saying. It has happened several times.

OK Jackie, let me guide you to the next level of heartless shilling.

Ideas like supporting your favorite webcomic creator on platforms like Patreon.

By the way, I’ve been catching up and I now consider 2270 the technically most accomplished strip you’ve done. The middle panels in particular were innnnn-credible. Alex is not at all my type, but you almost convinced me.

It’s not exactly the same as being ominous, but I find flouting Grice’s Maxims to be a large part of my sense of humor. Especially if it raises suspicions in an otherwise unassuming setting.

One of my favorite bits is to respond to inquiries on someone’s absence by stating “I didn’t kill them!” When the person in question finally shows up, I’ll add “I told you I didn’t kill them!” Obviously this is never done in a situation where the person may realistically be in any kind of danger, although lately I’ve avoided morbid humor like this since most people seem to dislike it.

When an outcome would be bad, I often say,” Uh, that would be…sub-optimal” Got it from a web comic somewhere, actually.

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