I wonder what people say about me behind my back.

Eh, nothing I wouldn’t say about them, probably.

Awesome art and story as usual, Jackie. I like just jumping into things. Happy Monday

There’s nothing wrong with fur-suiters, they’re mostly harmless. In fact, some of my best friends are fur-suiters. And Bridgette is welcome to any Convention, such as Fur-ther Conn-fusion, or Anthrocon.

I checked the wiki and found Reggie as a regular character and not a main character. I dont know why but that made me sad. I guess I’ve grown to like him a lot as we’ve seen more sides of him.

Who is or isn’t a main character isn’t defined by the wiki. He’s just not one of the characters in the first arc.

Jackie is capable of breathing vicarious life into any character at a moment’s notice- keeps you guessing and the comic more interesting. I know a lot of actual people who seem less real.

As I remember, Bridgette’s fursona is a pig of some kind.
Poetry doesn’t help hogs, + pigs, much, does it? :)
I can also see Bridgette as a gecko, or some other light tinted lizard.

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