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Man, the AC quit last night & it made it really hard to sleep. I always sleep better when I’m a little cold. Anyway, I think it just froze from trying to get ahead of the heat. We changed out a curtain for a flimsy one and it kept letting heat in all day so the AC never turned off. I’ll need to do something about that now that I’m done with comic stuff. Or at least comic stuff I need to do right now. I really want to go to sleep though. I’m afraid if I lay down I’ll just end up falling asleep proper and that would throw my schedule off. Anyway someone is gonna make sure the AC isn’t damaged tomorrow anyway probably. Sometimes it gets clogged and I can’t fix it with anything I have handy. Anyway, I’m gonna leave it there and see about fixing this curtain issue. Lates tates.


As someone who grew up a bit south of you, in central Oklahoma, I too am addicted to AC (even after finally moving someplace at least a bit cooler).

Have the person working on your AC unit install a “freeze stat” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze_stat). If your AC unit is large enough to keep your place at an “acceptable” temp even on those triple digit days, it will eliminate those downtimes, and heat spikes, when the AC is thawing out.

It made a nice QoL improvement in my current place.

And if you are cheap or can’t get or afford those films [hi] Aluminum foil works wonders.
The room ends up dark depending on how much of the window is covered but decent quality LED bulbs don’t add oodles of heat and are very low on power usage.

If your AC is central make sure that the return air isn’t blocked or impeded in any way. That slows the airflow and allows the unit to freeze up more. If the unit is in a basement opening the basement door can help.

You ought to love your own family best, but dang if that isn’t hard if you just don’t get the other person… That is hard. Not that I’m speaking from experience. (Cough)

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