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I was a little late on this page because Crow had a massive butt blowout that I had to clean up. He’s got long hair, so… it was a disaster. He had a bath, so I also had a second hand, dog scented, bath. Then I had a water scented bath. It was very traumatic for all parties involved. He’s clean… mostly, and sleeping now after his very trying day. I am not. I’m doing the things. Just a little behind schedule.


You’re a good pet owner. At least one person should commend you for your actions and attitude

Simultaneously the worst and the very best; being a dog owner.
All the vet bills and poop, and (other bio hazards), and then they look up at you and say, “anytime, day or night, I’m here right by you.”
If you could sell that – you’d own the whole world.
Cats are great, but there is nothing like a dog.

They give unconditional love, companionship, health benefits, and entertainment. All dogs ask in return is the bare basics of life food water and shelter. We do not deserve them.

I do believe we deserve them, simply because we *made* them. Without humans there would be no dogs. That said, they are still the best bois/gurlz and they must be cared for well in return for their love.

It’s kinda bad that Rulette thinks that selling fifty dollars worth of stuff in two hours is unusually good. I mean, 25 dollars per hour would be a pretty decent amount of *profit* for a shop of that size, but when it’s the upper limit of total sales, Rulette must be near the point where she could make more money by closing the shop and getting a job as a burger-flipper or something.

Evrina is available because it is a very slow time for the coffee shop, it is likely also slow for the nearby comic shop. $50 from browsing customers in that time period may be what is unusual.

That is true, but at the same time, you can’t own a shop if you’re bankrupt. A business has overhead costs, and if you can’t cover them, you’ll lose your business. I’m 100% on board with small business owners starting ventures they have a personal interest in, but in order for them to exist, they need to be able to support themselves.

$50 in two hours isn’t bad for a comic store, but that is terrible for a MTG shop. Heck, the 3 packs she gave away to that guy are about $15~.

$50 in 2 hours is GOOD? most stores that size need at least $700-1000 in sales daily and are open 10 hours

I am going through comics I missed while on a camping trip, I really had to comment here and say that Evrina’s grin looks amazing. ^_^

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