2139 Second Act.

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John has been very tight lipped about his backstory for most of the comic’s run. Every so often he drops hints about it, but they are sparse. This might be the most information he’s ever shared with anyone on screen.

Thank all of you who left well wishes on last Friday. It’s always interesting to hear how long people have been reading, or how you came back. It was pretty low key seeing as everyone was in lockdown.
As a weird shut in my life isn’t much different from normal right now. I wasn’t going anywhere to begin with. I’m sure it’s much more of a struggle for people who have outside lives. Almost every disastrous event happens around me, but doesn’t affect me as much since I’m never in the world the way other people are. Stuff gets to me via economics. As my readers run out of money so to do I. I’ve squirrelled away enough to ride things out, so I’ll be here when they get back on their feet. It’s really sad to get the notes that say “Sorry dude, love your work, but the virus cost me my job.” or whatever the particular circumstance is. Retail workers, wait staff, customer care, these are my base. They are suffering. Unfortunately all I can do is provide a little entertainment, & fume a bit over the state of things. Don’t let the siege of the virus break you. Remember, I’ll pulling for you. We’re all in this together.


Was that a red green quote? Or is it just more common?

That was pretty dang close to Red Green.
{checks the wiki} Dang. Jackie is getting Canadianized eh?

Red: (closing line of each Mid-Life Musings segment) Remember, I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.

Remember, if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you as the possible protagonist.

Ideally holding a roll of duct tape.

(He’s a man… but he can change… if he has to… I guess.) ;)

That was most defintely a Red Green quote
As a Canadian it was basically required viewing durin my childhood

Just strap a modified synthesizer to your hips and give your warbling battle cry. “HuhwhaaAAaaaAaaa.”

Always loved how Harold could hold it all together despite being surrounded by misfits who don’t understand him in the least.

Not sure if Harold’s warble actually replaced its predecessor as a battle cry though.


Red/green? Well I for one find this comic to have a disappointing lack of duct tape. And if I recall correctly, there has NEVER been, not even one, opossum. That’s probably both the best and worst thing about it.
It’s regular, it’s consistently there – on time. And it’s still here. I mean OMG, it’s a web comic I can count on, and best of all it is really good. The drama and mystery is good, the Artwork Even better, and the characters the absolute best. My favorite character is, yeah, no. I mean Thomas, cause it’s his show, but I really can’t pick one single best character, because they are all good, bad, honest, deceptive, strong and weak by turns, and thoroughly human. Through their missteps and victories they reflect us to ourselves, that we might correct for our reality what They work through in theirs. Thomas certainly gave me fodder to chew through leading my team at work. And certainly I have been made a better manager for it. I’ve been here, commenting or not, since before Mike showed up as manager, maybe I’ll peruse the archives And see How long, but how long is a rather personal question to ask a stranger, as the Python boys pointed out.

Hey man, when times get rough, having someone there to make you smile or laugh can make the difference. I still remember when the transition to color happened with in universe justification and I lost my mind. For me,that moment will be one of the most memorable pieces of media for the next long while. I kind of forced and badgered my friends to read this comic because it really resonated with where I was in my life. Thanks for doing what you do, Jackie.

I’ve been reading the comic for nearly 6 years now, haven’t commented before but I have subbed to you on Patreon for a long while now as well. Just wanted to thank you for continuing to update the comic despite the hardships you endure, it’s always at the top of my RSS reader.

Everyone else is talking about a potential quote. Me, I’m just happy we’re finally getting more information regarding John and his past. And I don’t know if it’s your intention, but you’ve got me shipping him and Vicky, like a lot. They just naturally seem to have chemistry together. I know this is ultimately your call but please don’t tease us with this and then go the John/Alex route.

Everyone’s aware the Red Green show is free on YouTube, right? More important now than ever.

No! I was not aware of that!
Thanks for totally destroying my schedule for the next month or two! (That was a serious thank you, I didnt want to do any of that stuff anyway!)

I’m so torn, curse you Crave…I’ve been shipping Alex and John for literal years now, but now I want John to work out with Victoria so Reggie can get with Alex, but then poor Maddie is left with…uh…Idk, the hot guy at the coffee shop :P

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