“…she just wanted a sip of John.”
Meanwhile- the rest of the cast just wants a cup of Jo.

OMG, what you said awakens all sorts of protective feelings about Jo. I will admit to most of them being paternal and chaste and fatherly. Other side is, Jo probably doesn’t need as much protection from the world as I might imagine. She’s pretty tought stuff. I imagine Nina’s pretty tough as well.
But the pun was KILLAR good. …I thought that the Rain is Tess and the Fire is Jo, … And that makes the wind,…Reggie?

Heh, heh! Thanks! :D

Oops. I didn’t mean to make comments that would make people nervous about Jo. :)
But- we don’t have to worry.
Jo is a powerful force, and her own sure defense.
Jo knows how to tell the creeps to get lost. All is good.

Let’s see- can I do a ribald joke about Thomas?
How about: THOMAS is one handsome, darling, crazy monkey!
Everyone wants to grab his ENGLISH MUFFINS! Hubba, hubba!

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