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I looked around to see if anyone had made repair videos for Surface keyboard covers &, of course, someone had. It’s not something a person would want to do regularly, because the tabs holding the keys on are not as robust as on a regular keyboard, but I was able to remove the hairs that had wedged themselves under the contacts of various keys. So I’m good for until something else works its way under them.


I am loving Victoria’s running commentary.

I’m trying to figure her out, at least before we see more of her in this arc. We haven’t seen much of these siblings together, and is this good-natured?

She did tell Reggie about Alex’s favorite restaurant, for example.

Personally I think it’s probably good natured, I mean I’ve done similar stuff to my own siblings. I think all siblings just have those quirks that are a part of their relationship, for instance my sister and I have a game we play where we see who can give the other the finger in the most creative way possible while in public. Some people might find this odd or even offensive, but it’s pretty normal to us.
Reggie and Victoria seem like the type to take shots at each other as part of their way of getting along. Thy both know that the other never truly means it.

Look at you Jackie – getting all tech savoy and repairing your own keyboard. Next thing we know you will be thinking about going back to school to get an engineering degree…


And thanks to this new age in online instructional learning that is an achievable goal.
Cheapest in the states I see at U$6K and Canada is about U$4.5K
Mind you this staying away from the more commercial online institutions that spend a significant amount on advertising.
The Certification Exams that earns you the ring may need some travel though.

I like Victoria more and more every comic she’s in.

In fairness, thinking this through that quickly, and offering to do it, was a pretty good point for Reggie, even if he isn’t paying for them. It’s more than I would’ve expected from Reggie to date, really.

There’s a “Cyber putty” thing you can get that does a pretty good job of pulling out hairs and the like.

Compresses air should also work.

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