1980 Gentle Care.

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13th birthday

My surface just shut off out of nowhere while I was coloring this page. It’s never happened before, but it set me back a bit. The thing has been very stable so it’s always concerning when it does fail. At any rate it was only the coloring that was lost. It’s just strange because it didn’t power down, or hibernate, it was just suddenly off. Very weird. Obviously I haven’t replaced it yet. I’m going to look into it after I do my taxes & see if I can swing getting a new one since I don’t think I can wait for Microsoft to fix the USB issue in the latest versions. I guess we’ll just wait and see.


If Tarantino, Scorsese, and Hitchcock decided to team up and remake Legend.

That is what you are about to see. Prepare yourself.

Great idea! To keep Tarantino happy, you’ll probably have to throw in a lot of bikinis, and a bunch of green goblins that say, “mother f***er”, a lot. :D

As long as they aren’t green goblins *wearing* the bikinis, I think we’ll be okay.

Euwww, now I just, … Just, Eeuuuww!

Yeah I know – Even Goblin Slayer would be … perturbed and taken aback for a moment before he eviscerates decapitates impales asphyxiates defenestrates them all.

Depending on what sort of goblins they are, that could be fine.

Goblins? You mean like Citrine from Flaky Pastry?


I think she’s actually worn a bikini (or something similar) before…

Oops, her name is Nitrine, not Citrine. Sorry, I had citrus ont he brain when I wrote that because I had grapefruit for breakfast and it was wonderful. :)

Another fine trip down memory lane, being the NooB, and being insecure about how outlandish one can get without ticking off the DM, …we were killed on our way out of the bar. Re-roll your characters. Meh!! Who needed all that equipment anyway?

You have a much more regular update schedule than a lot of webcartoonists do. You’re reliable enough to be a big part of my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, so thank you for that.

Seriously, you want a flaky schedule, go check out Dead Winter. That site’s trains run on METRIC TIME.

Dead Winter is a great comic, but I don’t think the creator can work on it full time. It’s hard to tell what she does aside from commissions since she only blogs about once a year, but I enjoy the update that shows up every month or two.

“Every month or two.” Yeah, that sounds about right; I once left for like two years, and came back to find fewer than 20 updates.

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