1946 You Ridiculous Man.

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This outfit isn’t all that revealing if you take into account that Thomas’s coat could wrap around Carol pretty completely, which is obviously what she would have done. Her top bits would be all anyone who would have seen her driving saw. Still, those are impressive bits, so there you go. Free pies. Pies were the most often given item as a way to lower the anger of slighted customers for a long time. I don’t know if that’s still true, but it seems like they probably still aren’t regarded as all that important by the bosses at McDonalds. They are pretty shit, and can’t be worth too much. Something easily given out as an acceptable loss to keep a customer. Also something easily written off for the same reason.

It puts me in mind of something not a lot of people know about. Burger King sells tacos in some locations. They’re usually listed in small print someplace on the menu if they have them, and no one ever calls attention to them, but they exist. They are also terrible, but terrible in that way that junk food is terrible. A way that compels you to keep eating them even when your brain is telling you not to put it in your mouth. Like lemon Pepsi. If you’re ever near a Burger King I urge you to see if you can get a taco from them. Just for the experience of it. I assure you they are awful, but, as I said, strangely compelling. They are tacos only in an academic sense. No taco purist would accept them. They make Taco Bell tacos seem like authentic Mexican cuisine. Honestly, me telling you this is like omeone trying to share spoiled milk. There’s something about terrible experiences that humans want to share. Almost like a vaccine against them in a way.

In other news I recorded an update video of the Teen for those of you who care about the ongoing saga of her life, and how it connects to my ongoing saga. Unfortunately I need to edit it and I’ve not done video editing in 15 years or so. I don’t think my computer even has any software to edit video. In any case I’ll try to post it and share it to you as soon as I can overcome this small hurdle. She’s too busy to update any other way, so I took it upon myself to capture video while she was at the same location as me.

On the issue of Xmas gifts, Chris B if you see this, and can verify the item in question, you can request a sketch if you like. That goes for anyone who sent me gifts that haven’t arrived as well. It may take me a while to get to them, but I will eventually. It was really strange this year because I try to keep a lot of very low cost items on the comic list, but they kept selling out at Amazon. Lego is trying to pull back on overstocking items after having far to much last year, which seems to have led to shortages this year. It’s a shame because the Amazon exclusive set with all the doors and windows was sold out for most of the end of November and well into December. It was a set I liked very much since I like making architecture. I think it’s still sold out & possibly retired now, which is a real shame. I might have gotten a couple more with giftcards. I really liked the roof shingle parts in the slate green. they feature heavily in my bookstore plans.


I work at Burger King and can verify the taco thing. Though how bad can they be when they’re honestly the second most popular thing I’ve seen among Latinos?

They’re not bad, but I hate making them.

To Explain the Pie thing: They’re made in bulk, are discrete, and don’t require packaging like many other things, by comparison.

They cost less human effort to give away, and that’s one of the hardest things to generate in fast food, especially at McD’s.

It make sense~

I had to turn trucks away at Thanksgiving. I would tell them they had to leave, and then offer them a candy cane. It totally works to keep them from being disgruntled! I’m going to start carrying candy in my pocket to give to people I have to give bad news to.

“Hey, sorry I ran over your cat….Wanna peppermint?”

Lmao just like that animation short of a medical staff worker that gives mints to sick people in hopes that makes them feel better

On problem is when it makes a terminal person better. The placebo effect is really confusing.
I’m terminal, I think I’m an Anode. The poem about Kathy is the Cathode.

So the two of you are polar opposites.
One likes penguins and the other polar bears.

My work here is done and away ….. zooop

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