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Yeah, let’s not pretend like I’m gonna take a day off. I’m gonna post like it’s any other day. Merry Xmas if that’s a thing for you. If not, happy other thing. Honestly, even when it’s not a holiday I hope you have a happy time generally. Let’s not restrict happiness to a handful of days. Anyway, if you don’t have anything else to look forward to I’ll be here at least.


:D it’s been awhile since I last commented, so i thought I should see to that. XD
Anyway, I really like this update because we get to see that Thomas and Carol are pretty much already on the same page, even though they both thought of it individuals, they are both at the stage they want to live together. I think it’s important to be on the same page with your significant other, and therefore being open with one another is key. That said, it would be cool if they both go to talk about it at the same time, and have that moment where you feel so close to one another that words fail to describe it.

In other news, I’m glad you’re still updating, this comic never fails to brighten my day when updates come, so thanks for continuing to create!

hey there! i’m a long-time reader, but this is my first time commenting.
i would like to say, first of all, that i appreciate your style of storytelling, it allows for a pleasing amount of verisimilitude while still being fun. It feels like people sacrifice fun in the name of realism, but like,,,,, i really like the balance you strike. but also, though i would like to, I wont pretend the homestuck references did nothing for me. and in their usage, Jessie and Ed got some p good tacet characterization, which very seldom happens with references imo. :0
so,, yeah. youve done a lot for my sense of moral greyness as well- you will sometimes say a thing with which i viscerally disagree, but when you discuss it more i find myself nodding along and admitting your points, etc, which is…. well, not usually what happens. usually it gets worse.
so, overall, thank you very much for all you do, and i hope you have a very happy holiday!

Hey Jackie, just sent you a little something from your Amazon wishlist. Thanks again for all the heartfelt entertainment you’ve provided over the years, and I’m looking forward to what awaits our dysfunctional retail junkies in 2019.

Would you wish a happy time to anyone? I doubt you would wish me one if you knew me

So if you despise yourself so much, who not change? Or, as in the Serenity Prayer, “God grant me the ability to change what I can, and the serenity to accept what I can’t…” That generally works, unless you’re a sociopath, or something. And sociopaths, by definition, don’t feel remorse like you do.

My encouragement for the new year is to raise your own personal standards, not give in by lowering the bar.

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